Hi! My name is Christian, an Agile Software Developer, living in Trento (IT).
I am currently working at XPeppers.

I like to build digital products that meet the customers' needs.
My objective is to continuously improve since I believe in this field you never stop learning.

In my work experience in XPeppers since 2014 I adopted essential practices to write maintainable software and work effectively with my team, collaborate with the customer in a lean and modern way.

During the past few years I expanded my knowledge with methodologies, techniques and programming languages, at work and in my spare time.

My main programming language is JavaScript & Node.js, Elixir and a bit of Ruby (on Rails). I had the opportunity to work with Java and PHP too. I am experimenting with Haskell and Elm.

I try to focus more on concepts and practices than on the technology or programming languages. I say this because I think great software is created first with a solid foundation of practices to reduce stress that enable you to maintain the software like tests, code refactoring, continuous integration, clean code.

In my opinion good software development is about people, so I embrace and truly believe it's essential to have a tight collaboration and effective communication between the team and the customer.