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A single spreadsheet filled with your cryptocurrency transaction history, account balances and tickers.


Using Cryptosheet.cc: Extract the cumulative historic wallet size for a specific crypto currency and exchange
337 words 2 min
clean android device storage, move files to sd-card, remove junk files
74 words 0 min
pm2 deploy shallow git repository with --depth, also known as fetch: fast
214 words 1 min
Using Cryptosheet.cc: Aggregate account balance by exchange and currency pair
381 words 2 min
Cryptosheet.cc 🚀 The Launch
127 words 0 min
Fix Python 2.7 issue on OSX: bad interpreter
110 words 0 min
Notes about Blockchain for Smart Communities @trentosmart #TSCW18
223 words 1 min
Easy rate limit with Promise.all and p-limit
187 words 1 min
Fix issue with Pandoc, MacOS Sierra and pdflatex / xelatex
175 words 1 min
Offloading my Inbox items to /discover
163 words 1 min
setup nginx as a reverse proxy with basic auth for an upstream
123 words 0 min
A story about npm publish / unpublish
366 words 2 min
Mapping historic market data
368 words 2 min
Building the new version of pomodoro.cc in the open
385 words 2 min
Keeping an eye on your Crypto-currency trades with Übersicht
36 words 0 min
Loop jekyll data directory files
128 words 0 min
My dotfiles
213 words 1 min
Prevent accidental quit of iTerm
73 words 0 min
how i deploy my site
118 words 0 min
how i build my site
826 words 5 min
npm package kata
62 words 0 min
Trying out Redash
214 words 1 min
Chaining and indenting after the return statement
303 words 2 min
How to read Hacker Newsletter
255 words 1 min
Use Simple-Jekyll-Search on your blog in these easy steps
160 words 1 min
Discourse first installation steps
43 words 0 min
I was at fosdem 2016 and it was awesome!
266 words 1 min
Forking is a commitment
116 words 0 min
Using a daily activity log to keep track of your studies and bookmarks
108 words 0 min
Elixir Plug order matters!
182 words 1 min
Jekyll new post script
30 words 0 min
Introduction to AngularJS
884 words 5 min
What Elixir and Angular have in common
86 words 0 min
Favor Viewmodel over $scope
510 words 3 min
Always $digest after you expect
189 words 1 min
How to invalidate AppCache
155 words 1 min
The simplest way to set vagrant default directory
23 words 0 min
How to backup a mongodb database from a docker container to host
109 words 0 min
Conforming to protocols in JavaScript
173 words 1 min
Write a damn README
158 words 1 min
Functional JavaScript: Write your own negate/not function
232 words 1 min
About business value and confidence in legacy projects
532 words 3 min
Angular ui-router: define multiple states with same base url
87 words 0 min
Speed up your docker container by caching node_modules
258 words 1 min
How to make a pull request on GitHub from the command line
255 words 1 min
How to use morgan with node-simple-router
63 words 0 min
Start your coding kata the right way
323 words 2 min
Write your Protractor tests in Cucumber
322 words 2 min
How to zsh and hub auto completition
41 words 0 min
Debugging acceptance tests with Angular and Cucumber
105 words 0 min
Keep Docker container running with upstart and Docker's restart policy
109 words 0 min
A list of Angular style guides
75 words 0 min
Angular: Filter already selected items from ng-options
525 words 3 min
Solution to PhoneGap issue: 'device ready has not fired after 5 seconds'
150 words 1 min
How to configure Drone behind an nginx proxy on a subdomain
293 words 1 min
How to setup Drone CI on a DigitalOcean droplet
344 words 2 min
A practical workflow for resizing images with ImageMagick
422 words 2 min
DRY dependency injection in Angular with gulp-ng-annotate
366 words 2 min
A closer look at Angular's dependency injection
555 words 3 min
Updating dynamic fields and nested arrays in MongoDB
322 words 2 min
node and sudo: now kiss
131 words 0 min
Simplest Apache configuration for hosting multiple sites
140 words 0 min
Create a new Github repository from the command line
348 words 2 min
About vanity metrics and social media bullshit
211 words 1 min
Simple templating with regular expressions
668 words 4 min
Keep SSH connection alive
32 words 0 min
How to: Gzip compression of CSS and JS files on S3 with s3cmd
288 words 1 min
How to lazy load Disqus comments
999 words 6 min
Auto mount partition on Linux the easy way
516 words 3 min
Berlin - April 2013
382 words 2 min
Replace links in files with Regular Expressions
125 words 0 min
How to index a NTFS partition on Mac
200 words 1 min