Notes about Blockchain for Smart Communities @trentosmart #TSCW18

trento smart city week
trento smart city week

Today I attended an event about “Blockchain for Smart Communities” during the Trento Smart City Week.

The topics discussed are:

  • the impact on citizens, businesses & public administration
  • new opportunities offered by blockchain technology and smart contracts
  • use cases like automating insurances, providing transparency and resilience on administrative tasks and much more
blockchain for insurances
blockchain for insurances


written notes
written notes
- community is necessary to empower blockchain
          - trust is essential
          - as a member of a blockchain, you *participate* to the community (p2p)
          -> resilience, distributed systems + infrastructure
          - | BManity
          PANTA REI (everything flows)
          - like internet in 1993, blockchain in 2018
          - Trentino = "Bitcoin Valley"
          - Bitcoin as cultura, economic & tech innovation
          - can be seen as an insurance, to get back the freedom and security
            for deciding autonomously where to put our money and assets
          - insurances are inefficient
            - manual
            - identity needs to be verified over and over again
            - human error
            - centralized
          - public administration can benefit from blockchain
          - infrastructure thinks and decides in a neutral way
          - think of gas counters, they are already small embedded devices
            that apply rules about consumption & cost autonomously, but without being transparent