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Angular ui-router: define multiple states with same base url


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Recently on pomodoro.cc I found myself in need of the following routes:

  • /public
  • /public/:id

To define a similar structure you can’t have three separate states defined sharing the same base url.

What you can do is to define an abstract state and then the descendent child states, e.g.:

.state('public', {
  abstract: true,
  url: '/public',
  template: '<ui-view/>'
  .state('public.index', {
    url: '',
    templateUrl: 'public/index.html',
    controllerAs: 'PublicIndexCtrl as vm'
  .state('public.room', {
    url: '/:id',
    templateUrl: 'public/room.html',
    controllerAs: 'PublicRoomCtrl as vm'