How to read Hacker Newsletter


Today, at the issue date of #338 of Hacker Newsletter, I tried:

  • not to read ahead
  • not to “spoil” me any links (maybe it’s just me)
  • to reflect on how to learn the most out of each issue of Hacker Newsletter

My routine

Usually, on friday evening, in my routine I had planned to spend at most an hour reading the links that I found interesting at first sight.

Which means, that I had opened 15+ tabs with unread articles. If I didn’t take my routine very seriously, I would then “archive” them in my (it doesn’t exist anymore, r.i.p.) “to_read” bookmarks folder.

Soo unproductive and really, what a waste of interesting articles.


Simply mark it as “starred” in your favourite email “program”. Btw, do we still say this in 2017, or is it “micro-service” nowadays?.

Read ONE (1!) link at a time and take your time to skim through the article, if it’s interesting you naturally scroll to the top and read on.

The trick is that you can open the newsletter only to select an article and read it or leave it.

Set yourself a limit of articles to read too. I read one to three articles at session.

You can do it more times a day, I limit myself here to look at the newsletter at the bar in the morning, during lunch or after dinner.

What do you think?