1. node and sudo: now kiss
  2. Start your coding kata the right way
  3. About business value and confidence in legacy projects
  4. Write a damn README
  5. Using a daily activity log
  6. Forking is a commitment
  7. I was at fosdem 2016 and it was awesome!
  8. How to read Hacker Newsletter
  9. how i build my site
  10. how i deploy my site
  11. My dotfiles
  12. Building the new version of pomodoro.cc in the open
  13. A story about npm publish / unpublish
  14. Offloading my Inbox items to /discover
  15. my current blogging stack
  16. Build for a slow connection
  17. my blogging stack in 2020
  18. completed hacktoberfest 2019
  19. better web scraping with node.js
  20. the color fe1
  21. So Long, and Thanks for All the Veggies

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