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  1. my blogging stack in 2020
  2. Run Cypress Integration Tests with GitHub Actions Workflow
  3. AWS Lambda + S3 + ffmpeg = Timelapse
  4. Simple telegram message with GitHub Actions
  5. Preferred way of defining flags in bash
  6. Deploy Eleventy site with Github Actions on AWS S3
  7. Simple ad and trackers blocking with DNS
  8. Build for a slow connection
  9. Fun with single letter commands
  10. Upgrade MongoDB 3 to 4 on Ubuntu
  11. Get last non-empty cell value in a spreadsheet
  12. How to fix Ansible error about "undefined variable"
  13. Notes about Crash course in Machine Learning
  14. Publishing org scoped npm packages with travis
  15. my current blogging stack
  16. Start an npm script with pm2
  17. Make Anaconda executables available in your PATH (fish shell)
  18. Using, Extract cumulative wallet size
  19. clean android device storage
  20. pm2 deploy fast
  21. Using, aggregations
  22., The Launch
  23. Fix Python 2.7 issue on OSX: bad interpreter
  24. Notes about Blockchain for Smart Communities
  25. Easy rate limit with Promise.all and p-limit
  26. Fix issue with Pandoc, MacOS Sierra and pdflatex / xelatex
  27. Offloading my Inbox items to /discover
  28. setup nginx as a reverse proxy with basic auth for an upstream
  29. A story about npm publish / unpublish
  30. Mapping historic market data
  31. Building the new version of in the open
  32. Keeping an eye on your Crypto-currency trades with Übersicht
  33. Loop jekyll data directory files
  34. My dotfiles
  35. Prevent accidental quit of iTerm
  36. how i deploy my site
  37. how i build my site
  38. npm package kata
  39. Trying out Redash
  40. Chaining and indenting after the return statement
  41. How to read Hacker Newsletter
  42. Use Simple-Jekyll-Search on your blog in these easy steps
  43. Discourse first installation steps
  44. I was at fosdem 2016 and it was awesome!
  45. Forking is a commitment
  46. Using a daily activity log
  47. Elixir Plug order matters!
  48. Jekyll new post script
  49. Introduction to AngularJS
  50. What Elixir and Angular have in common
  51. Favor Viewmodel over $scope
  52. Always $digest after you expect
  53. How to invalidate AppCache
  54. The simplest way to set vagrant default directory
  55. Backup mongodb from a docker container to host
  56. Conforming to protocols in JavaScript
  57. Write a damn README
  58. Functional JavaScript: Write your own negate/not function
  59. About business value and confidence in legacy projects
  60. Angular ui-router: define multiple states with same base url
  61. Speed up your docker container by caching node_modules
  62. How to make a pull request on GitHub from the command line
  63. How to use morgan with node-simple-router
  64. Start your coding kata the right way
  65. Write your Protractor tests in Cucumber
  66. How to zsh and hub auto completition
  67. Debugging acceptance tests with Angular and Cucumber
  68. Keep Docker container running
  69. A list of Angular style guides
  70. Angular: Filter already selected items from ng-options
  71. How to configure Drone behind an nginx proxy on a subdomain
  72. How to setup Drone CI on a DigitalOcean droplet
  73. A practical workflow for resizing images with ImageMagick
  74. DRY dependency injection in Angular with gulp-ng-annotate
  75. A closer look at Angular's dependency injection
  76. Updating dynamic fields and nested arrays in MongoDB
  77. node and sudo: now kiss
  78. Simplest Apache configuration for hosting multiple sites
  79. Create a new Github repository from the command line
  80. About vanity metrics and social media bullshit
  81. Simple templating with regular expressions
  82. Keep SSH connection alive
  83. How to: Gzip compression of CSS and JS files on S3 with s3cmd
  84. How to lazy load Disqus comments
  85. Auto mount partition on Linux the easy way
  86. Berlin - April 2013
  87. Replace links in files with Regular Expressions
  88. How to index a NTFS partition on Mac