My Pocket reading list

  1. Signaling as a service
  2. A thread written by @c1truz_
  3. A thread written by @jackbutcher
  4. Introducing dark mode (beta) for stack overflow
  5. Amy edmondson on the power of psychological safety in distributed work
  6. Developers don't need ping-pong tables
  7. Can amazon handle the coronavirus pressure?
  8. The coronavirus crisis is exposing how the economy was not strong as it seemed
  9. Five compliments to overcome one criticism: discover the negativity bias
  10. Silk road: theory & practice
  11. The time is now: the supreme court must allow live cameras
  12. Zoom needs to clean up its privacy act
  13. A thread written by @yannick_veys
  14. Apple just killed offline web apps while purporting to protect your privacy: why that’s a bad thing and why you should care
  15. When is anonymous not reallyanonymous?
  16. Volunteers produce 3d-printed valves for life-saving coronavirus treatments
  17. What you should know about online tools during the covid-19 crisis
  18. Using zoom? here are the privacy issues you need to be aware of
  19. I got my file from clearview ai, and it freaked me out
  20. Apple just killed offline web apps while purporting to protect your privacy: why that’s a bad thing and why you should care
  21. How much ‘normal’ risk does covid represent?
  22. Cqrs
  23. Why unit testing is not enough when it comes to microservices
  24. What’s it like to work remotely at mozilla?
  25. Helping each other at mozilla
  26. 2020 stock market crash
  27. How to get startup ideas
  28. 4.2″ and 7.5″ nfc-powered e-paper displays work without battery
  29. Next phase montage
  30. Microsoft announces change to its board of directors
  31. How websites evolved back to static html/css/js files
  32. How (some) good corporate engineering blogs are written
  33. Gitlab's guide to all-remote
  34. Do i really need package-lock.json file?
  35. Organizing architectural katas
  36. Ready for changes with hexagonal architecture
  37. How (some) good corporate engineering blogs are written
  38. Square brackets are the enemy
  39. Coronavirus: why you must act now
  40. The biggest mistakes i've made with lunch money (so far)
  41. Caffeine boosts problem-solving ability but not creativity, study indicates
  42. Do whatever you can't stop thinking about
  43. Express
  44. A thread written by @yongfook
  45. The problem with accuracy
  46. Uber has resumed testing its self-driving cars in san francisco
  47. Caching best practices & max-age gotchas
  48. A day is not 60*60*24 seconds long
  49. Modelling the covid-19 outbreak in italy
  50. Not a 'math person'? you may be better at learning to code than you think
  51. The who sent 25 international experts to china and here are their main findings after 9 days
  52. Metriche agili per “prevedere” il futuro
  53. Slicing functionality: alternate paths
  54. This is what happens when you stop talking about yourself in conversations
  55. Sending temperature and humidity data to the iota tangle
  56. Don’t get clever with login forms
  57. Ramen profitable
  58. Asu cse 466
  59. How to opt out of human review of your voice assistant recordings
  60. How to write usefully
  61. Download affected certificate serials for 2019.02.29 caa rechecking incident
  62. Being ‘indistractable’ will be the skill of the future
  63. Javascript start-up performance
  64. Enjoy the extra day off! more bosses give 4-day workweek a try
  65. The cup-of-coffee pricing fallacy
  66. Simple systems have less downtime
  67. Streetlight effect
  68. Lessons from the ancient philosophers to help improve our lives today
  69. - miguel de icaza
  70. How my 10-year-old learned javascript
  71. Hacking an audi: performing a man-in-the-middle attack on flexray
  72. Fast and maintainable patterns for fetching from a database
  73. 4 tips to begin to work remotely
  74. Starting with js generators
  75. No more spy pixels
  76. Churn rate
  77. Xyproblem : greg's wiki
  78. The xy problem
  79. Xy problem
  80. Alphanumeric sender ids for improved authentication and user verification security
  81. A tool for choosing a tech stack
  82. Power to the people
  83. Firefox continues push to bring dns over https by default for us users
  84. The principles of taking legacy projects from below zero to superhero 🦸🏼‍♂️ (from a management perspective)
  85. Call a javascript function with an explicit this
  86. Swinging the vote?
  87. Wealth tips for founders
  88. Graphql batching attack
  89. Firefox continues push to bring dns over https by default for us users
  90. Tesla ignored safety board’s autopilot recommendations, chairman says
  91. Powering productivity in the workplace
  92. $1,000 mrr: harder than i expected
  93. Food for thought: five ways to eat more healthily at work and eliminate stress
  94. The dark side of gamifying work
  95. 5 easy steps: how to start a successful and profitable blog
  96. A thread written by @yannick_veys
  97. 15 proven methods to make money with your blog in 2019
  98. A thread written by @david_perell
  99. A brief history of erlang and elixir
  100. No silver bullet (1986) [pdf] : hacker news
  101. Business is like surfing
  102. The impact of web performance
  103. A thread written by @testobsessed
  104. A thread written by @kakape
  105. The 1 type of complaining that will make you feel better, according to science
  106. How to deal with debt stress
  107. Stop using encrypted email
  108. I spoke out against sexual harassment at uber. the aftermath was more terrifying than anything i faced before
  109. The uk is cutting coal use, fast — beautiful news
  110. The wall of technical debt
  111. Ten things we know to be true
  112. ‘there’s no future in cross-site tracking’: confessions of a publisher on the death of third-party cookies
  113. Summary of changes – privacy & terms – google
  114. A group of ex-nsa and amazon engineers are building a ‘github for data’
  115. Exploring the new github cli
  116. You're missing the point of promises
  117. Momentum > urgency
  118. Watching you watch: the tracking system of over-the-top tv streaming devices
  119. Twitter oauth by example in node.js
  120. A thread written by @itayperry
  121. Jeff bezos announced a $10 billion fund to fight climate change
  122. Moving towards domain driven design in go
  123. Compiling dark to sql
  124. What happened to slack today
  125. The benefits of sharing your salary
  126. Google cuts jobs at cloud-computing group
  127. Get a basic chat application working with webrtc
  128. Building the dom faster: speculative parsing, async, defer and preload
  129. I add 3-25 seconds of latency to every page i visit
  130. I asked my users to explain my product to me
  131. I asked my users to explain my product to me
  132. The deal jeff bezos got on basecamp
  133. Implementing dtos, mappers & the repository pattern using the sequelize orm [with examples] - ddd w/ typescript
  134. Why are we so bad at software engineering?
  135. Jeff bezos bought the most expensive property in la with an eighth of a percent of his net worth
  136. Software testing guide
  137. All the apps that i pay for
  138. Conversation
  139. Eleventy collections - pulling in the products via api
  140. Retiring the free plan
  141. Quick thoughts on fosdem
  142. Is running ads on a programming blog worth it?
  143. Domain knowledge & interpretation of the single responsibility principle | solid node.js + typescript
  144. 95%-ile isn't that good
  145. Two principles for improving code quality
  146. Scaling to 100k users
  147. A thread written by @shreyas
  148. Continuous integration without unit tests
  149. Behind amazon’s hq2 fiasco: jeff bezos was jealous of elon musk
  150. How to start a new month in ynab
  151. The clean architecture
  152. How dark deploys code in 50ms
  153. Please stop using local storage
  154. Announcing the 2019 golden kitty award winners | product hunt
  155. Health-records company pushed opioids to doctors in secret deal with drugmaker
  156. A thread written by @vinrob
  157. Joining tailscale: simplifying networking, authentication, and authorization
  158. Promise.allpocalypse
  159. The only guide you need to build better api products
  160. React native is the future of mobile at shopify
  161. Our experience with meetings as a fully distributed company
  162. A thread written by @shl
  163. Javascript libraries are almost never updated once installed
  164. I wrote 1 blog post every day for 2 years. here's 5 things i learned about seo
  165. Zero to one by peter thiel: book summary & pdf
  166. Bitcoin is a leading indicator of the coronavirus outbreak
  167. Is high quality software worth the cost?
  168. Domain-driven graphql schema design | enterprise graphql
  169. If training is not realistic, you’re in the wrong industry.
  170. A thread written by @stemmlerjs
  171. No, disabling a button is not app logic.
  172. Video games have helped one email company succeed
  173. It’s never been this easy to build a webapp
  174. Change your market, save your product
  175. Inception: how it all (re)started!
  176. How to build a growth engine without ads or content: lessons from superhuman
  177. Pattern matching in javascript
  178. He wanted a unicorn. he got ... a sustainable business
  179. Using golang concurrency in production
  180. Text classification demystified: word embeddings
  181. Thank hn: my saas paid my rent this month
  182. Progressive web apps: escaping tabs without losing our soul
  183. Albert learns to read
  184. Why your saas business needs free tools
  185. Home ownership is the west’s biggest economic-policy mistake
  186. 5 things i've learned while creating a saas
  187. How is computer programming different today than 20 years ago?
  188. On pair programming
  189. Snowpack
  190. You don't know js yet (book series) - 2nd edition
  191. Google's stunning plan to avoid apps slurping gmail inboxes: charge devs for security audits
  192. Rest vs graphql: the main differences
  193. Goodbye, clean code
  194. Goodbye, clean code
  195. I went to see a movie, and instead i saw the future
  196. I almost sold baremetrics for $5m
  197. A thread written by @awilkinson
  198. 'oh my god, this is a sexual harassment claim waiting to happen' : early google insiders describe sergey brin as a company 'playboy' who 'got around' with female employees
  199. The ultimate guide to memorable tech talks
  200. Minimalism — the most undervalued development skill
  201. Frontend design, react, and a bridge over the great divide
  202. I don’t hate arrow functions
  203. How javascript event delegation works
  204. On writing
  205. Integrating physical devices with iota
  206. How i replicated an $86 million project in 57 lines of code
  207. Beyond test driven development
  208. Craft of code
  209. Javascript promises: zero to hero plus cheat sheet
  210. Javascript promises: zero to hero plus cheat sheet
  211. 2019 in review and 2020 goals (with numbers and earnings)
  212. Liberland, the blockchain-powered nation
  213. Life in 2030
  214. A simple investment strategy that worked in 2019: buy almost anything
  215. Twitter’s big bet on topics and lists is just getting started
  216. Who are you trying to impress with your deadlines?
  217. How i automate my home
  218. Putting devs before users: how frameworks destroyed web performance
  219. How to publish an npm package
  220. Rust and webassembly for masses - introduction
  221. 2019 in review and 2020 goals (with numbers and earnings)
  222. The crypto paper
  223. Privacy simplified
  224. The comprehensive guide to speaking at technology conferences in 2020
  225. What is the most valuable thing you can learn in one hour?
  226. What will happen in the 2020s
  227. Everything i knew about reading was wrong
  228. I’ve never had a goal
  229. No, that dot in the domain name of the url is not a mistake.
  230. A thread written by @tobi
  231. Why canada's cannabis bubble burst
  232. Why do my service design projects fail?
  233. Why do nigerian scammers say they are from nigeria?
  234. The ceo of $48 billion shopify says long hours aren't necessary for success: 'i'm home at 5:30pm every evening'
  235. Write junior code
  236. How i built 100 projects in 100 days
  237. Moving on from n26
  238. Chef rubio: "ecco perché ho lasciato la tv. in missione umanitaria a gaza."
  239. Making money
  240. Refactoring: guard clauses
  241. Bitcoin by ross: read this first
  242. Bitcoin by ross: an elliot wave primer
  243. Bitcoin by ross: on charts
  244. "server" is hard to define
  245. A thread written by @levelsio
  246. User:guy macon/wikipedia has cancer
  247. The holidays suck for gig workers
  248. 4 tips for mastering test-driven development
  249. Nsa's backdoor key from lotus-notes
  250. Undraw | colorful illustrations
  251. Apple's products are getting harder to use because they ignore the ​principles of design.
  252. How to start a node.js project
  253. Fast · patrick collison
  254. Finland is making its online ai crash course free to the world
  255. The da vinci curse by leonardo lospennato
  257. New java debugger - debug across time with mouse
  258. Work is a queue of queues
  259. Ask hn : cs, still a good career in : years? : hacker news
  260. 4.2 kiloyear event
  261. Driving sideways to move forward: stanford engineers show how an autonomous, drifting delorean can improve driver safety
  262. U.s. navy bans tiktok from government-issued mobile devices
  263. On let vs const
  264. New to sdr?
  265. Gravis, fortunately on twitter
  266. What is dark?
  267. Real problems with functional languages
  268. State of javascript 2019
  269. Samsung chair imprisoned and 24 others found guilty in union-busting case
  270. Synchronous messaging at mozilla: the decision
  271. Announcing rust 1.40.0
  272. Xor filters: faster and smaller than bloom filters
  273. The modern web is becoming an unusable, user-hostile wasteland
  274. The 84 biggest flops, fails, and dead dreams of the decade in tech
  275. Digitalocean
  276. A thread written by @rebeccarhelm
  277. What it’s like managing 10 million users as a solo developer
  278. ‘ndrangheta, la maxi-operazione scompare dalle prime pagine dei grandi giornali: niente su stampa e repubblica, un box sul corriere
  279. A manifesto for preserving content on the web
  280. Redis 6 rc1 is out today
  281. Threading the web with module workers
  282. Node.js & javascript testing best practices (2019)
  283. What is consento?
  284. Use web workers to run javascript off the browser's main thread
  285. 2020: another year to accelerate & innovate
  286. "almost everything on computers is perceptually slower than it was in 1983 amber-screen library computer in 1998 : type in two words and hit f […]"
  287. Undocumented catalina file access change
  288. Building a new win 3.1 app in 2019 part 1: slack client
  289. Ho, ho, ho: how to survive secret santa in the office
  290. Your dna for sale: 23andme, drug giant make $300 million deal
  291. Hexagonal architecture with java and spring
  292. Over 100 pbs local stations start streaming today on youtube tv
  293. Hector martin on twitter
  294. Amazon, apple, google, and the zigbee alliance to develop connectivity standard
  295. Purchase iota directly from trinity with moonpay
  296. World wide web consortium (w3c) brings a new language to the web as webassembly becomes a w3c recommendation
  297. Don’t learn to code — learn to automate
  298. A guide to distributed teams
  299. A distributed meeting primer
  300. The feedback fallacy
  301. Why kansas city’s free transit experiment matters
  302. Boeing to suspend 737 max production in january
  303. Security engineer says google fired her for trying to notify co-workers of right to organize
  304. Introducing hornet
  305. You might be buying trash on amazon—literally
  306. Google brass set 2023 as deadline to beat amazon, microsoft in cloud
  307. Why programmers love macbooks?
  308. Sql murder mystery
  309. .org update
  310. 49% of workers, when forced to update their password, reuse the same one with just a minor change
  311. Nebraska farmers vote overwhelmingly for right to repair
  312. The product-minded software engineer
  313. My bootstrapped micro-startup got acquired for $22k
  314. Challenging projects every programmer should try
  315. Taylor swope on twitter
  316. Dhh on twitter
  317. Having kids
  318. Compensation: lifestyle calculator series | chapter 1
  319. Chetan puttagunta on twitter
  320. A simple wrapper to the mam.client for nodejs
  321. Why nukemap isn’t on google maps anymore
  322. Tony brooker, pioneer of computer programming, dies at 94
  323. Node.js & javascript testing best practices (2019)
  324. Iota foundation launches industry marketplace, the world’s first autonomous and decentralized marketplace
  325. How to get started with the iota industry marketplace: a step-by-step guide
  326. Golang rest api for nodejs developer - intro
  327. Google hands feds 1,500 phone locations in unprecedented ‘geofence’ search
  328. Golang rest api for nodejs developer - part 1
  329. “join reddit to keep reading” - an account is now required to read comment threads
  330. Prioritization shouldn’t be hard
  331. Switch2osm
  332. Huginn/huginn
  333. What is the best time to post to hacker news?
  334. Jason scott on twitter
  335. Crows could be the smartest animal other than primates
  336. My pair programming diary
  337. S&p 500 buybacks now outpace all r&d spending in the us
  338. The zedripper: part 1
  339. Ultrasound destroys 80 percent of prostate cancers in one-year study
  340. Learning for a living
  341. Facebook and barr escalate standoff over encrypted messages
  342. Occupational licencing makes grindr users poor on twitter
  343. How to speed up the rust compiler one last time in 2019
  344. Osxfuse is no longer open source
  345. Apple sues iphone cpu design ace after he quits to run data-center chip upstart nuvia
  346. Jack ??? on twitter
  347. Aclu sues homeland security over ‘stingray’ cell phone surveillance
  348. Micro frontends curry
  349. Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way.
  350. The sad state of sysadmin in the age of containers
  351. Don’t learn to code — learn to automate
  352. Why databases use ordered indexes but programming uses hash tables (
  353. Nick walton on twitter
  354. O(n^2), again, now in wmi
  355. Operations and internal communication strategies for effective ceos
  356. Le secret des futurs grands leaders : l’humilité
  357. Made in america
  358. Hakim el hattab on twitter
  359. Why quality over quantity isn’t entirely true for web design
  360. Under pressure: your brain on conflict
  361. Human-assisted archival of yahoo groups
  362. W3c recommends webassembly to push the limits for speed, efficiency and responsiveness
  363. Braves passes 10 million monthly active users, and sees 19% growth since 1.0 launch
  364. Building a search engine from scratch
  365. Verizon / yahoo! bad form!
  366. Markdown-wasm demo
  367. Netdev group's -next networking tree
  368. Jr on twitter
  369. Hakim el hattab on twitter
  370. Mario fusco ?? on twitter
  371. --- day 9: sensor boost ---
  372. We are not normal people
  373. Adopting memory safe recursion
  374. The product-minded software engineer
  375. Wes bos on twitter
  376. For beginners: upload audio files onto the iota tangle
  377. Moving on
  378. Reconceptualising organisations: from complicated machines to flowing streams.
  379. Is it just deserts or just desserts?
  380. Modelling new business models with iota
  381. How to use google trends: 10 mind-blowing tricks for entrepreneurs
  382. Encapsulation in javascript
  383. My experience as a remote worker
  384. Viaggio nel futuro. senza conducente
  385. Integrating physical devices with iota
  386. R/science - study on the perceived harmfulness of sexual advances: men overall find advances less negative then women, both genders find advances from attractive people less negative then unattractive people
  387. Does my company have ip rights to the stuff i do in my spare time?
  388. Bitcoin for laypeople
  389. Choose boring technology
  390. How to lead a remote development team
  391. Ai today and tomorrow is mostly about curve fitting, not intelligence
  392. The node.js philosophy
  393. Modern script loading
  394. Running webassembly on arm
  395. Prime directive
  396. Announcing core node.js support for ecmascript modules
  397. Send your team’s productivity soaring with retrospectives
  398. The 4 questions of a retrospective and why they work
  399. Slack accuses microsoft of ripping off its ads
  400. Wework begins laying off 2,400 employees
  401. Google is 2 billion lines of code—and it's all in one place
  402. How i become the most hated man in tech
  403. Ports & adapters architecture
  404. Shebang (unix)
  405. Tdd: purposes and practices
  406. How to teach yourself hard things
  407. Governance without rules: how the potential for forking helps projects
  408. Thoughts on foreign keys? · issue #331 · github/gh-ost
  409. Fourteen years after launching, 1password takes a $200m series a
  410. Agile spaghetti hurling velocity
  411. Are algorithms sexist?
  412. Design words with data
  413. Alex gladstein on why bitcoin matters for freedom
  414. Patreon ceo says the company's generous business model is not sustainable as it sees rapid growth
  415. Introducing hypercore 8
  416. Waterfallprocess
  417. To fix climate change, stop being a techie and start being a human
  418. Npm today stands for now pay me: javascript packaging biz debuts conduit for funding open-source coders
  419. 12 hurtful cognitive biases and how to overcome them
  420. Viral tweet about apple card leads to goldman sachs probe
  421. Moving beyond post-install messages
  422. Berliners are trolling trump by shipping him a 2.7-ton piece of the berlin wall
  423. Reflecting on my failure to build a billion-dollar company
  424. Easier node.js streams via async iteration
  425. Start contributing to node.js in the new year
  426. Using rust to scale elixir for 11 million concurrent users
  427. What most remote companies don’t tell you about remote work
  428. Fitbit users fear privacy invasion after $2.1bn google acquisition
  429. The making of the hololens 2: how advanced ai built microsoft’s vision for ubiquitous computing
  430. Insurers rethink infrastructure and workflows to meet new accounting requirements
  431. I’m ben and i am a rails developer
  432. Long running processes with event sourcing and cqrs
  433. What are long running processes?
  434. My favourite git commit
  435. Decisions, decisions or why baskets of options dominate
  436. How superhuman built an engine to find product/market fit
  437. Behavior driven development (bdd) and functional testing
  438. Test stub
  439. Nichilismo
  440. Think different about mock objects!
  441. Tesla autonomy day
  442. Mocks are not evil
  443. A 100x investment (part 1)
  444. The coming battle about psychological safety
  445. 2 commenti per “roberto saviano: scrittore anti-mafia o arlecchino dell’imperialismo?”
  446. 4 reasons why you’re always hungry
  447. A 100x investment (part 2)
  448. Salary ranges for it roles in berlin, from a director of it
  449. About brave rewards
  450. Sre as a lifestyle choice
  451. Co2: foe, or… friend?
  452. Configuring automated security fixes
  453. Silicon valley is trying out a new mantra: make a profit
  454. A thread written by @aslamkhn
  455. What happened to nodesource?
  456. A person paper on purity in language
  457. Openjs certification program: pricing feedback
  458. 11 growth principles to become a valued software engineer
  459. Please don’t write “clever” code
  460. Reporting copyright infringements
  461. Well, that escalated quickly
  462. Hello, production
  463. Barricades burn on lebanon's streets as pm expected to address a second day of protests
  464. Openjs node.js developer certification: what to expect
  465. How to avoid s3 data leaks?
  466. Don't get pwned: practicing the principle of least privilege
  467. All you need to know about caching for serverless applications
  468. What’s the friction with serverless?
  469. No alcohol, no coffee for 27 months
  470. Why we think terrorism is scarier than it really is (and we probably always will)
  471. Waymo to customers: ‘completely driverless waymo cars are on the way’
  472. Making faster: part 3
  473. Asynchronous communication: the real reason remote workers are more productive
  474. Test desiderata
  475. The perfect architecture flow for your next node.js project
  476. The problem with metrics is a big problem for ai ·
  477. Why you never see your friends anymore
  478. The millennial urban lifestyle is about to get more expensive
  479. After the gold rush
  480. Mark zuckerberg took on china in a speech defending free expression
  481. Javascript for people who hate javascript
  482. Exclusive: patagonia founder yvon chouinard talks about the sustainability myth, the problem with amazon—and why it’s not too late to save the planet
  483. Blood money is fine with us, says gitlab: vetting non-evil customers is 'time consuming, potentially distracting'
  484. It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice!
  485. We has some bonds to sell
  486. Websites should work without js. yep? nope?
  487. Cut out everything that’s not surprising
  488. Don’t build systems. build subsystems.
  489. Troubleshooting cloudflare 5xx errors
  490. A vacancy has been detected
  491. Il sistema carcerario italiano è ancora in condizioni disumane
  492. Pricing niche products: why sell a mechanical keyboard kit for $1,668?
  493. Ken thompson's unix password
  494. 20,000 startup ideas
  495. Writing is thinking: learning to write with confidence
  496. Why you should have a side project
  497. Apple hides taiwan flag in hong kong
  498. Dylan byers on twitter
  499. Tim cook’s company-wide memo on doesn’t add up
  500. The obvious ui is often the best ui
  501. California bans private prisons and detention centers
  502. Twitter under fire for profiting from millions of uk users' data sold to advertisers
  503. Dyson has scrapped its electric car project
  504. Why event sourcing is a microservice communication anti-pattern
  505. Why event sourcing is a microservice communication anti-pattern
  506. Ice sought student records from a nashville elementary school
  507. Microsoft employees call to end github ice contract
  508. $30k
  509. Sid sijbrandij: “people don’t want to commute; they just don’t want to miss out”
  510. The disruptive world of edward norton
  511. Investor money vs. public interest: did google fail to build a non-evil platform?
  512. Scribe: transporting petabytes per hour via a distributed, buffered queueing system
  513. 150 successful machine learning models: 6 lessons learned at
  514. Dutch government ditches holland to rebrand as the netherlands
  515. Page weight matters
  516. An example of preparatory refactoring
  517. Facebook, whatsapp will have to share messages with u.k.
  518. Events: implement capturerejections for async handlers
  519. Create a semantic “breakout” button to make an entire element clickable
  520. Welcome antonio nardella to the iota foundation
  521. Why finland leads the world in flexible work
  522. I wasn’t getting hired as a data scientist. so i sought data on who is.
  523. Welcome antonio nardella to the iota foundation
  524. How to do a code review
  525. Cloud ai
  526. “i know it’s bad – but everyone’s doing it”
  527. The boring technology behind a one-person internet company
  528. 4 rules for intuitive ux – learn ui design
  529. Here’s why so many apps are asking to use bluetooth on ios 13
  530. Apple security updates
  531. Webmention
  532. Sending your first webmention from scratch
  533. A set of unit testing rules
  534. Is #tdd a belief?
  535. Exploring web monetization ?
  536. Essays and articles
  537. Write code that is easy to delete, not easy to extend.
  538. The apple is still rotten: why you should avoid the new iphone
  539. What the hell is rest, anyway?
  540. How dark deploys code in 50ms
  541. Every productivity thought i've ever had, as concisely as possible
  542. Famed computer scientist richard stallman described epstein victims as 'entirely willing'
  543. Where to put buttons on forms
  544. I’m taking ownership of my tweets—
  545. The internet relies on people working for free
  546. Computer scientist richard stallman resigns from mit over epstein comments
  547. Richard m. stallman resigns
  548. Richard m. stallman resigns
  549. Site monetization with coil (and removing ads for supporters)
  550. Nullish coalescing · v8
  551. 6 top link building tools for content marketers
  552. Semantic versioning 2.0.0
  553. The fosdem conundrum
  554. Renowned mit scientist defends epstein: victims were ‘entirely willing’
  555. Socio-technical seeing
  556. 40 favorite interview questions from some of the sharpest folks we know
  557. Gold master testing
  558. Innersourcecommons/innersourcepatterns
  559. The often forgotten scrum master competencies
  560. Are you making your website vulnerable by adding target="_blank"?
  561. The myth of the autistic jerk
  562. Cargo cult
  563. Invest in good stories, and smart tasks
  564. Law of triviality
  565. Configuring npm for use with github package registry
  566. About github package registry
  567. Taking a year to explain computer things
  568. An open letter to javascript leaders regarding no semicolons
  569. New features available with ios 13.
  570. Iota⠛eu
  571. Open data, the iota iot protocol and our #stodt
  572. Representational state transfer
  573. Raspberry pi 4: a full desktop replacement?
  574. Reverse interview
  575. Making our own tiny google maps
  576. 10 ways to prevent developer burnout (free pdf)
  577. Privacy policy
  578. How to use the google drive api with javascript
  579. The amazing ways telecom companies use artificial intelligence and machine learning
  580. Something very strange is going on with bitcoin and btc google searches
  581. How to put an html page on the internet
  582. A thread written by @levelsio
  583. Agile is not just another management fad
  584. Tired of stack overflow
  585. How to ci and cd a node.js application using github actions
  586. Should open source software advertise?
  587. Why don’t we just call agile what it is: feminist
  588. No software: no agile, no scrum
  589. Agile is an adjective
  590. The 8 biggest mistakes to avoid when applying for a remote job
  591. Friday deploy freezes are exactly like murdering puppies
  592. Sponsor @feross on github sponsors
  593. Hackers hit twitter c.e.o. jack dorsey in a ‘sim swap.’ you’re at risk, too.
  594. "page saved!" here are some tips to get started with pocket
  595. How to present yourself in a remote developer interview
  596. Reflecting on my failure to build a billion-dollar company
  597. How to improve your chances of an x-team invite
  598. Basecamp didn’t want to run this ad
  599. Vergogna roma, disabile bloccato sotto la metro: tutti gli ascensori rotti. «ho perso l'esame all'università. ero in trappola sotto la stazione»
  600. Don't play in google's privacy sandbox
  601. License zero // subsistence programming
  602. Saas, planning, and #noestimates
  603. Open source sustainability wars : episode v : the funding strikes back by sgentle · pull request #28 · feross/funding
  604. Meet the influential programmer who's helping $3.8 billion gusto make sure that its software always stays ahead of the times
  605. A huge database of facebook users’ phone numbers found online
  606. Ianal
  607. Pair programming antipatterns
  608. Cocaine is back. blame technology for it.
  609. Delete revolut right now, because of this guy
  610. X-team: the most energizing community for developers
  611. Npm bans terminal ads
  612. Supporting open source maintainers
  613. Justin on javascript
  614. A thread written by @mikesherov
  615. Conversation
  616. Tips for sensitive people to protect their energy
  617. A year of making and nomading
  618. How to write zines with simple tools
  619. Wtf is jsx
  620. The information apocalypse
  621. The principal developer - august 2019
  622. The saas ctosecurity checklist
  623. Supporting open source maintainers
  624. Standardjs ends controversial funding experiment
  625. Things i learnt from a senior software engineer
  626. Open source maintainers owe you nothing
  627. Apple addresses siri privacy protections
  628. Stop mocking vegans
  629. The presence prison
  630. Recap of the `funding` experiment
  631. Turning ideas into code
  632. Sondaggi politici, salvini perde la fiducia degli elettori: 15 punti in meno rispetto a luglio
  633. Every little bit helps
  634. This is lean: resolving the efficiency paradox
  635. You can heal the internet
  636. Continuous integration
  637. A genocide incited on facebook, with posts from myanmar’s military
  638. Scarf
  639. React
  640. Developers mentoring other developers: practices i've seen work well
  641. Testing the boundaries of col­labo­ra­tion
  642. Guided conversations
  643. Y2z/monolith
  644. Tinygo on arduino ↦
  645. The end of agile
  646. General data protection regulation
  647. Free software vs open source vs freeware: what's the difference?
  648. Write your own excel in 100 lines of f#
  649. Request to end experiment · issue #7 · feross/funding
  650. Lies we tell kids
  651. The ratio of women speakers in tech
  652. Zach holman
  653. An introduction to distributed systems
  654. Double shipping
  655. Don’t ask forgiveness, radiate intent
  656. Coding is like baking (and cooking)
  657. Facebook’s libra backers look to distance themselves from project
  658. Npm install funding · issue #1381 · standard/standard
  659. Frequent releases reduce risk
  660. Five steps to reduce your company’s carbon footprint
  661. The amazon is burning because the world eats so much meat
  662. Part-of-speech tagging
  663. Sentiment analysis
  664. Naturalnode/natural
  665. 25 aprile, le bufale del fascismo: pensioni, bonifiche, case, stipendi. le cose buone che mussolini non ha mai fatto
  666. 25 aprile, le bufale del fascismo: pensioni, bonifiche, case, stipendi. le cose buone che mussolini non ha mai fatto
  667. Codice amministrazione digitale
  668. Dlgs 36/06
  669. Quanti migranti arrivano davvero in italia con le ong?
  670. Job title inflation. are you truly a senior?
  671. Debugging titles: part i
  672. Señor or senior: about the inflation in tech career progression
  673. Why jerks come out on top - and three ways to become one
  674. Are software titles inflating during the years?
  675. Amazon forecast – now generally available
  676. X-team: the most energizing community for developers
  677. The amazon rainforest is ablaze, turning day into night in sao paulo
  678. How my colleagues and i stay sane in our open office
  679. Yes, i’m feeling bad about climate change. let’s discuss.
  680. Career titles and levels in tech
  681. What titles like junior, senior, and expert actually mean in the software business
  682. Trenitalia fa causa a una app che mostra i ritardi dei treni: è giusto che dati di interesse pubblico non siano aperti?
  683. Motion sensing using the doppler effect
  684. Agile is not dead, quite the opposite
  685. Un politico scarso
  686. Unit tests are tests of modularity
  687. Css guidelines
  688. Aha programming ?
  689. Hacker releases first public jailbreak for up-to-date iphones in years
  690. The lengths of css
  691. The fermi paradox
  692. “tomato” versus “#ff6347”—the tragicomic history of css color names
  693. Becoming american
  694. Mystery 'satoshi nakamoto' claims he's hodling $10 billion in bitcoin
  695. What you need to know first about the inexplicable world of quantum computing
  696. Elon musk relaunches tesla solar: 'like a money printer on your roof'
  697. A proven method for showing the value of good ux
  698. Facebook and twitter say china is spreading disinformation in hong kong
  699. Anachronism
  700. Top 10 digital transformation trends for 2020
  701. We have ruined childhood
  702. Fun with single letter commands
  703. Cool uris don't change
  704. Connoisseur
  705. Building and playing the go game with phoenix liveview
  706. The bug i wish i hadn't caught
  707. Github stars won’t pay your rent
  708. Upgrading to latest github actions
  709. Germany to close all 84 of its coal-fired power plants, will rely primarily on renewable energy
  710. Lambda the ultimate
  711. Why dependent haskell is the future of software development
  712. Building a graphql server on the edge with cloudflare workers
  713. Decrement carbon: stripe's negative emissions commitment
  714. I shared my phone number. i learned i shouldn’t have.
  715. Cutiepi tablet - your pi projects, untethered
  716. The bug i wish i hadn't caught
  717. What does a coder do if they can't type?
  718. Clever vanity license plate backfires on man, winds up with tons of tickets
  719. Github stars won’t pay your rent
  720. A list of "no code" software
  721. Twitter is trying to erase the past
  722. Are men singing higher in pop music?
  723. Building
  724. Less than half of google searches now result in a click
  725. India shut down kashmir’s internet access. now, ‘we cannot do anything.’
  726. Redirecting
  727. How a 'null' license plate landed one hacker in ticket hell
  728. It's gotten too hard to strike it rich in america
  729. The banana is one step closer to disappearing
  730. Ebola is now curable. here’s how the new treatments work
  731. Solar now ‘cheaper than grid electricity’ in every chinese city, study finds
  732. Veil of ignorance
  733. What is paged out!?
  734. Monads as a programming pattern
  735. This teen hacker found bugs in school software that exposed millions of records
  736. Social exclusion fuels extremism in young men
  737. Google chrome incognito mode can still be detected by these methods
  738. The planet has a fever, and the cure is more capitalism, a prominent researcher argues
  739. Insect 'apocalypse' in u.s. driven by 50x increase in toxic pesticides
  740. Company of one: why staying small is the next big thing for business
  741. Spying on https
  742. What happens to my bitcoin when i die? simplifying estate planning of digital assets
  743. Why is modern web development so complicated? a long yet hasty explanation: part 1!
  744. Want the best prices for your trip? google can help.
  745. Pcgrosen/bashfs
  746. What does a coder do if they can't type?
  747. More capable form controls
  748. I tried hiding from silicon valley in a pile of privacy gadgets
  749. America’s social-media addiction is getting worse
  750. Come programmatori esperti e informatici, quali sono alcuni vecchi libri (o addirittura dimenticati) che pensi qualsiasi nuovo programmatore debba leggere?
  751. Why aren’t we talking about linkedin?
  752. Building a full-stack serverless application with cloudflare workers
  753. ‘no one saw a thing’: when a small midwest town banded together to kill the ‘town bully’
  754. Eat less meat: un climate-change report calls for change to human diet
  755. Responding to firefox 0-days in the wild
  756. Hundreds of exposed amazon cloud backups found leaking sensitive data
  757. Why is modern web development so complicated? a long yet hasty explanation: part 1!
  758. Chris's wiki : blog/unix/noswapconsequence
  759. Welcome!
  760. One job, many roles. the different skills needed to be a successful cto
  761. Tcp head of line blocking · http/3 explained
  762. The real dark web
  763. Luxembourg to be first european country to legalise cannabis
  764. Compilers are the new frameworks
  765. Science says drinking coffee helps people slow aging, lose weight, and cheat death. these fascinating studies explain why it's a miracle drink
  766. Learn startup - build a successful business and change the world
  767. Learn javascript closures in 6 minutes
  768. Five unusual, evidence-based ways to get better at a new language
  769. Data structures and algorithms in javascript
  770. To code or not to code: should lawyers learn to code?
  771. How millions of selfie-seeking instagrammers are ruining the world's most beautiful places
  772. When should you be using web workers?
  773. Client side caching in redis 6
  774. Software has bugs. this is normal.
  775. Death note
  776. America’s diy phone farmers
  777. Stop designing products for random people
  778. Stack overflow: how we do app caching - 2019 edition
  779. Top 5 docker vulnerabilities you should know
  780. Turn sketch into front-end code
  781. Millions of books are secretly in the public domain. you can download them free
  782. Turning a macbook into a touchscreen with $1 of hardware
  783. Seattle-area at&t employees were bribed to install phone unlocking malware on company network, authorities say
  784. Social network for developers
  785. Pattern: backends for frontends
  786. Split phase
  787. Terminating service for 8chan
  788. All the best engineering advice i stole from non-technical people
  789. Everything you ever wanted to know about the stock market but were too afraid to ask
  790. Practical networked applications in rust, part 2: networked key-value store
  791. A more
  792. Speed matters: why working quickly is more important than it seems
  793. Why i turned down an aws job offer
  794. 8chan goes dark after hardware provider discontinues service
  795. How to run effective meetings
  796. Amazon is a monopoly, an interview with sally hubbard
  797. How svg line animation works
  798. Build your own text editor
  799. Tony hawk on twitter
  800. What if we haven’t met aliens yet because they’ve messed up their planets too?
  801. 8chan is a normal part of mass shootings now
  802. Exploring mathematics with matplotlib and python
  803. I care about ansible
  804. Ap sources: boeing changing max software to use 2 computers
  805. Why i love trunk based development (or pushing straight to master)
  806. Uses
  807. When worse is better
  808. Bali sea cable status
  809. Regex for noobs (like me!) - an illustrated guide
  810. Innocence lost: what did you do before the internet?
  811. The surprising reason millennials check their phones 150 times a day
  812. Dear agile, i’m tired of pretending
  813. Do not disturb: how i ditched my phone and unbroke my brain
  814. React + redux + comlink = off-main-thread
  815. One misconfig (jira) to leak them all- including nasa and hundreds of fortune 500 companies!
  816. Changelog on twitter
  817. This ain’t disney: a practical guide to css transitions and animations
  818. N-shot learning: learning more with less data
  819. A future without webpack
  820. Warum halten einige entwickler in starken unternehmen wie google agile softwareentwicklung für unsinn?
  821. Ask hn: how can we destroy amp?
  822. Social network for developers
  823. From 30 to 230 docker containers per host
  824. North pacific gyre
  825. Programmers: before you turn 40, get a plan b
  826. Great pacific garbage patch
  827. Receiving payouts
  828. What's new in devtools (chrome 77)
  829. Marvin hagemeister ⚛️ ?? on twitter
  830. Pika — dev profile
  831. Marvin hagemeister ⚛️ ?? on twitter
  832. trusts cloudflare to stop bots across its 800 sites
  833. - time tracking with the pomodoro technique
  834. Cache-control for civilians
  835. Measuring our continuous delivery progress
  836. Codemaster
  837. Solarliner on twitter
  838. Ferdinandosantacroce on twitter
  839. Emoji mashup bot on twitter
  840. Space explorer mike on twitter
  841. My classifier would be the end of humanity.
  842. Syntax error on token "}"
  843. Jose cardona ?? on twitter
  844. Asynchronous stack traces: why await beats promise#then()
  845. Facebook is already working towards germany's end-to-end encryption backdoor vision
  846. Electron 6.0.0
  847. Noi-techpark/webcomp-generic-map
  848. The encryption debate is over - dead at the hands of facebook
  849. Physics & astronomy zone on twitter
  850. Tomasz łakomy on twitter
  851. Matteo on twitter
  852. Electron 6.0.0
  853. Tests and types
  854. Why remote work is inclusion work
  855. Nomad list 5.0
  856. Thousand-yard stare
  857. Shell shock
  858. Mozilla brings python data science to the browser
  859. Adopting typescript at scale - brie bunge | jsconf hawaii 2019
  860. Pranay pathole on twitter
  861. 1995parham/github-do-not-ban-us
  862. T0py on twitter
  863. Lionel page on twitter
  864. Lionel page on twitter
  865. E^?? on twitter
  866. The best linux blog in the unixverse on twitter
  867. ?julia evans? on twitter
  868. Javascript joel ? on twitter
  869. Emoji mashup bot on twitter
  870. Swyx ? on twitter
  871. Smb payroll startup gusto raises $200m series d, plans r&d expansion to nyc
  872. Github blocked my account and they think i’m developing nuclear weapons
  873. German greens propose homeworking to beat the heatwave
  874. Greg young on twitter
  875. Telldontask
  876. Imaging the entire earth, every day
  877. Modern js for ssr bundles
  878. Antirez on twitter
  879. Mithril vs template literals
  880. Foundationframework
  881. Balloon effect
  882. Tc39/proposal-nullish-coalescing
  883. Guest post: challenging the testing pyramid
  884. Saving lydia: why i’m open sourcing my baby to save her and millions of others
  885. The best linux blog in the unixverse on twitter
  886. @john
  887. Visual information theory
  888. Browser diversity starts with us.
  889. Mitì vigliero on twitter
  890. ?????? on twitter
  891. Webreflection/hypersimple
  892. Emoji mashup bot on twitter
  893. People of earth on twitter
  894. 200072 – [esnext] implement nullish coalescing
  895. Domain-driven design europe 2020
  896. Test && commit   revert (tcr)
  897. Netflix italia on twitter
  898. Manual work is a bug
  899. An introduction to webassembly
  900. Some thoughts on graphql vs. bff
  901. Carbon calculator: how taking one flight emits as much as many people do in a year
  902. When a rewrite isn’t: rebuilding slack on the desktop
  903. Physics & astronomy zone on twitter
  904. Cache asset graph, bundle graph, and packager/optimizer results by devongovett · pull request #3254 · parcel-bundler/parcel
  905. Linode on twitter
  906. No cs degree
  907. Joachim viide on twitter
  908. Weird history on twitter
  909. Diminishing returns
  910. Why you only need to test with 5 users
  911. Quiet hacker news
  912. How does apple (privately) find your offline devices?
  913. Algebraic effects for the rest of us
  914. Ira. on twitter
  915. Jerod santo on twitter
  916. Things you should never do, part i
  917. Space explorer mike on twitter
  918. The clever cryptography behind apple's 'find my' feature
  919. Physics & astronomy zone on twitter
  920. Mark dalgleish on twitter
  921. Stefano salsi on twitter
  922. Jackie peters on twitter
  923. Xpeppers/starway-to-orione
  924. Frantisek kusovsky on twitter
  925. Bybit on twitter
  926. Hackers breach fsb contractor, expose tor deanonymization project and more
  927. Physics & astronomy zone on twitter
  928. Node-tap
  929. We have an epidemic of bad posture
  930. Slack security incident for keybase ceo
  931. Monitor air quality with a raspberry pi
  932. I was a 10x engineer. and i’m sorry.
  933. Details of the cloudflare outage on july 2, 2019
  934. Improving how we manage spreadsheet data
  935. Ask hn : how to deal with constantly getting cut off in work discussions? : hacker news
  936. Diy data: web scraping with python and beautifulsoup
  937. Quickjs javascript engine
  938. Good naming is a process, not a single step
  939. Introducing webassembly interfaces
  940. Anosognosia
  941. Dunning–kruger effect
  942. How verizon and a bgp optimizer knocked large parts of the internet offline today
  943. An exercise program for the fat web
  944. I’ve picked my job over my kids
  945. Preserving laptop stickers on macbooks
  946. 7 rules of hiring a remote team for your project
  947. How to begin to shape up
  948. L’alto adige fonde bit e natura: l’internet delle cose è ovunque
  949. Wishful thinking
  950. 5 questions every unit test must answer
  951. Mocking is a code smell
  952. Rethinking unit test assertions
  953. Tdd changed my life
  954. In person with nearform founder, cian ó maidín
  955. Remote joins: a graphql api to join across your database and other data-sources
  956. The twelve-factor app
  957. The innovation dead end
  958. Bodies in seats
  959. Concurrency is not a language thing anymore
  960. Witchcraft: the magic of math, functional programming, and community
  961. Why enterprises choose serverless architecture
  962. Goodbye facebook, hello robinhood
  963. Can agile principles save the world?
  964. Leading a living, breathing and agile enterprise
  965. How to bring passion into a team, one that lasts forever
  966. Stop using story points
  967. Emscripten and npm
  968. Enabling modern javascript on npm
  969. Floating point math
  970. #noestimates
  971. Do as little as possible
  972. Job title: it’s complicated
  973. Webassembly at ebay: a real-world use case
  974. The case for tracking your time
  975. Easy apps with hyperhtml — 2
  976. When not to use lock files with node.js
  977. Scrum is fragile, not agile
  978. Extending the microservice idea to frontend development
  979. Functional-ish javascript
  980. Gdpr after one year: costs and unintended consequences
  981. Cqrs and event sourcing intro for developers
  982. Elixir and the beam: how concurrency really works
  983. Story points revisited
  984. Understanding fake agile
  985. You procrastinate because of emotions, not laziness ↦
  986. Case study
  987. Dead letter queues
  988. 5 key factors to achieve agile testing in devops
  989. Event storming lessons from post-it haters
  990. The visual learner’s guide to async js
  991. Node.js memory management in container environments
  992. Home : scrum guides
  993. #noprojects - a culture of continuous value
  994. Argo and the cloudflare global private backbone
  995. Culture & methods – the state of practice in 2019
  996. The great agile transformation misunderstanding
  997. Elegant error handling with the javascript either monad
  998. Why good developers are promoted into unhappiness
  999. Doing background work using a native elixir approach
  1000. Raw webassembly
  1001. The struggles of an open source maintainer
  1002. Simplicity, please - a manifesto for software development
  1003. Npm-package-lock.json a manifestation of the manifest
  1004. Hopefully simple webassembly starting guide
  1005. Scrum di moda come i risvoltini dei ggiovani!
  1006. Who to sue when a robot loses your fortune
  1007. Inheritance versus composition
  1008. A horrifying globalthis polyfill in universal javascript · mathias bynens
  1009. Deliberate practice
  1010. The ioc container pattern with vue.js
  1011. Everyone claims they are following “agile methods” but few actually do
  1012. Problems with test automation and modern qa
  1013. Http headers for the responsible developer
  1014. Why it’s so hard to learn french in middle age
  1015. Remote code execution on most dell computers
  1016. Don’t try to create and analyze at the same time
  1017. How language shapes the brain
  1018. Remote versus co-located work
  1019. My billion dollar mistake
  1020. Announcing wapm: the webassembly package manager
  1021. The wrong abstraction — sandi metz
  1022. Functional farming with nerves
  1023. Why you procrastinate (it has nothing to do with self-control)
  1024. How i got my first 1,000 visitors in a month
  1025. Name it, and they will come
  1026. Working for a startup makes increasingly less sense
  1027. Jsx
  1028. A complete guide to threads in node.js
  1029. Secure contexts
  1030. Just enough technical documentation
  1031. What the hell is going on? — david perell
  1032. Finding inspiration and creating svg
  1033. The secret to becoming an annoyingly productive early morning person
  1034. Patagonia’s ceo is donating company’s entire $10m trump tax cut to fight climate change.
  1035. Facial recognition's 'dirty little secret': millions of online photos scraped without consent
  1036. How my side project became my full-time startup!
  1037. Darpa is building a $10 million, open source, secure voting system
  1038. Event sourcing with elixir - part 0
  1039. Event sourcing with elixir - part 1
  1040. Event sourcing with elixir - part 2
  1041. 4 tips to begin to work remotely
  1042. Cybersquatting
  1043. Thread pool
  1044. The complexity trap: think before you leap
  1045. The future of bitcoin and ethereum
  1046. How jeff bezos turned narrative into amazon's competitive advantage
  1047. Fighting the surveillance economy
  1048. Apple to contribute to u.s. teen's education for spotting facetime bug
  1049. Secure dependencies with github and dependabot
  1050. Resource efficiency vs. flow efficiency, part 1: seeing your system
  1051. Angular: you may not need ngrx!
  1052. Component teams vs feature teams
  1053. Google has quietly dropped ban on personally identifiable web tracking
  1054. Zeit – serverless slack apps with now
  1055. The trident model of career development
  1056. Redirecting
  1057. How big data has created a big crisis in science
  1058. Building event sourced apps
  1059. The worst career advice i ever received
  1060. Blue ocean strategy
  1061. Gamergate
  1062. The magic notebook for visualization
  1063. The myth of passive income
  1064. Travel app case-study (design sprint, ux, visual design)
  1065. S-expression
  1066. Why are young people pretending to love work?
  1067. Trash talk: the orinoco garbage collector
  1068. Why i use old hardware
  1069. The most important skill you need to succeed as a developer
  1070. Why i care so much about devops
  1071. Why instagram is the worst social media for mental health
  1072. Coolest things i learned in 2018 — david perell
  1073. How to choose a startup to work for by thinking like an investor
  1074. Using fourier transforms to multiply numbers - interactive examples
  1075. How i built a $5,000 per month side project
  1076. New – amazon documentdb (with mongodb compatibility): fast, scalable, and highly available
  1077. Fast integration tests for 3rd party services - the easy way
  1078. Searching for the killer app: discovering the problems decentralized can solve
  1079. Top javascript frameworks and topics to learn in 2019
  1080. New year, new github: announcing unlimited free private repos and unified enterprise offering
  1081. Scalable tech stack - cost effective secure infrastructure
  1082. Kidkarolis/jetpack
  1083. Monorepo: please do!
  1084. Programmer as wizard, programmer as engineer
  1085. Automatic categorization of text is a core tool now
  1086. Blockchain study finds 0.00% success rate and vendors don't call back when asked for evidence
  1087. Dear developer, the web isn't about you
  1088. People with depression use language differently – here’s how to spot it
  1089. Goto 2018 • computer science - a guide for the perplexed • joe armstrong
  1090. Lolwut: a piece of art inside a database command
  1091. 5 fatal docker gotcha's ? - for new users
  1092. Microsoft totally changed how it does interviews in its developer division to make sure candidates have the actual skills to do the job
  1093. Risk-first/website
  1094. A harvard psychologist says people judge you based on 2 criteria when they first meet you
  1095. My carnivore diet: what i learned from eating only beef, salt and water
  1096. How we reached millions with a $0 budget - the 24 hour startup
  1097. Seeing theory
  1098. Here’s what a bitcoin address does (and why you definitely shouldn’t reuse it)
  1099. End of year crypto roundup: how did iota perform in 2018?
  1100. How vaping giant juul explains everything that’s wrong with our world
  1101. Digest of papers: monads for functional programming
  1102. The demoralized mind
  1103. Jira is an antipattern
  1104. Orbitdb
  1105. You are not a software developer
  1106. Faqguru/faqguru
  1107. The machine learning race is really a data race
  1108. Revisiting ukraine’s startup ecosystem: confidence, ambition, and aspiration
  1109. Node.js fundamentals: web server without dependencies
  1110. Why your phone’s notifications are the way they are
  1111. 2018 was a crappy year for tech and science
  1112. Entscheidungsproblem
  1113. Stop learning frameworks
  1114. The market for lemons
  1115. The ultimate guide to personal productivity methods
  1116. Redirecting
  1117. "back to values" agile retrospective format
  1118. Google isn’t the company that we should have handed the web over to
  1119. As facebook raised a privacy wall, it carved an opening for tech giants
  1120. How uses the jamstack + a single api server to help millions of people learn to code every month
  1121. Ask hn : what should an ideal developer interview process look like? : hacker news
  1122. Npm
  1123. Dr. elon & mr. musk: life inside tesla's production hell
  1124. Liberating structures
  1125. People who disagree with you aren't trying to make things complex. maybe you're wrong. - no fun allowed
  1126. Twenty years of open source erlang
  1127. On shutting down
  1128. Semver: a primer
  1129. Unix philosophy and node.js
  1130. "uncle" bob martin - "the future of programming"
  1131. Machine learning glossary
  1132. Microsoft edge and chromium open source: our intent
  1133. Simple seo techniques 2019: grow your organic traffic quickly
  1134. How does setstate know what to do?
  1135. Addy osmani's 18-point web performance checklist
  1136. This is how i started a successful b2b tech company
  1137. - feature branching considered evil
  1138. A programmer’s introduction to mathematics
  1139. Microsoft is building a chromium-powered web browser that will replace edge on windows 10
  1140. ‘it’s a man’s problem’: patrick stewart and the men fighting to end domestic violence
  1141. Why i'm studying math at 39 years old.
  1142. Proof that ios still hasn’t gotten undo right
  1143. Collective ownership
  1144. Extreme programming values
  1145. 20 questions to ask before joining a startup
  1146. How to balance full-time work with creative projects
  1147. Intelligence explosion
  1148. The dom is not slow, your abstraction is
  1149. Why don’t we forget how to ride a bike?
  1150. Paperclip maximizer
  1151. People leave managers, not companies. don’t let that manager be you.
  1152. Machine learning in node.js with tensorflow.js
  1153. Easy apps with hyperhtml — 7
  1154. Cambridge analytica used fashion tastes to identify right-wing voters
  1155. Streamlabs ceo describes building money-making tools for twitch & youtube
  1156. Devops in 3 sentences
  1157. Devternity 2018: surviving legacy code
  1158. The deepest problem with deep learning
  1159. Fetch
  1160. We don't need a tech lead
  1161. Revolut, the uk's $1.7 billion star fintech, has big dreams as it takes on the american market
  1162. Graphql: a retrospective
  1163. Amazon officially joins the blockchain party
  1164. World war ii vet sees haunting signs of war in modern america
  1165. Details about the event-stream incident
  1166. How to survive the next era of tech (slow down and be mindful)
  1167. How postgres is more than a relational database: extensions
  1168. Do not measure developers – measure projects
  1169. Fortran is still a thing
  1170. A tale about not-so-much-dead javascript
  1171. Gdpr complaints against google’s deceptive practices to track user location
  1172. We are google employees. google must drop dragonfly.
  1173. Pony foo on twitter
  1174. Google employees: we no longer believe the company places values over profits
  1175. I don't know what to say. · issue #116 · dominictarr/event-stream
  1176. Ncc: node.js compiler collection
  1177. Going to university does not broaden the mind
  1178. ...and monads for (almost) all: the state monad
  1179. The entire cryptocurrency market is now worth less than mcdonald’s
  1180. Tumblr was removed from apple’s app store over child pornography issues
  1181. Products over projects
  1182. Popular dark web hosting provider got hacked, 6,500 sites down
  1183. Developer experience - pietro campagnano - crafted software milan 15/11/2018
  1184. Hackers erase 6,500 sites from the dark web in one attack
  1185. Sousveillance
  1186. The genius neuroscientist who might hold the key to true ai
  1187. A look at a small elm application
  1188. Ask hn: resources for introverted devs to learn workplace politics?
  1189. How i got my startup to #1 on both product hunt and hacker news by accident
  1190. This strategy makes it impossible to procrastinate
  1191. Why big tech pays poor kenyans to teach self-driving cars
  1192. Fear, trust and javascript: when types and functional programming fail
  1193. Sorry for the delayed response
  1194. 6 things you need to recover from every day
  1195. Making the move from scala to go, and why we’re not going back
  1196. 17 proven productivity techniques you can start using today
  1197. The life changing magic of tidying up
  1198. The end of enterprise it
  1199. A look back at the memes of the obama administration
  1200. Writing software is hard
  1201. Don’t set too many goals for yourself
  1202. Fp vs. oo
  1203. It takes 6 days to change 1 line of code
  1204. 2016 hardware product of the year
  1205. Grow with leaf
  1206. A brief history of milf porn
  1207. Logojoy
  1208. I don’t belong in tech
  1209. Agile has failed. a peek at the future of programming
  1210. How exercise shapes you, far beyond the gym
  1211. The 100% correct way to do css breakpoints
  1212. Programming has changed my life
  1213. Here’s why ambiverts are more influential and successful than extroverts
  1214. 20 ways to improve your presentation skills
  1215. How to encrypt your entire life in less than an hour
  1216. Harmonious typography and grids
  1217. Welcome to 2030. i own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better
  1218. The ultimate guide to minimum viable product
  1219. Please stop telling us how ‘busy’ you are.
  1220. Why 30 is the decade friends disappear — and what to do about it
  1221. You are not paid to write code
  1222. Software developers: here’s how to get a raise without changing jobs
  1223. Design principles for reducing cognitive load
  1224. The fault, dear brutus, is not in our stars
  1225. Rails anti-pattern: fat decorator
  1226. Write code that is easy to delete, not easy to extend.
  1227. Browsers, not apps, are the future of mobile
  1228. 10 principles for smooth web animations
  1229. Y combinator's hardware guy leaves after 14 months
  1230. I don’t like computers
  1231. Utopia
  1232. Are service objects enough?
  1233. Why we chose vue.js
  1234. Why haters hate: kierkegaard explains the psychology of bullying and online trolling in 1847
  1235. It's not just standing up: patterns for daily standup meetings
  1236. Is design dead?
  1237. Agile software guide
  1238. The agile fluency model
  1239. Extremeprogramming
  1240. Redirecting
  1241. Tdd - from the inside out or the outside in?
  1242. Serverless architectures: game-changer or a recycled fad?
  1243. How to read a book a week
  1244. How being alone may be the key to rest
  1245. Never accept a counter-offer
  1246. I could do that in a weekend!
  1247. Employee #1: coinbase
  1248. Hello, i'm mr. null. my name makes me invisible to computers
  1249. Lambdaconf fuckery: white supremacy under the guise of “inclusion”
  1250. 15 ways to calm your nerves before a big presentation
  1251. The difference between “remote” and “remote-first” – readthink (by hubspot)
  1252. Here’s how to become more creative in the next 10 minutes
  1253. The best productivity system for procrastinators is to work with your natural tendencies
  1254. The end of capitalism has begun
  1255. The myth of quality time
  1256. How to charge for your open source
  1257. 31 ways to improve your life in just a month
  1258. Financial technology
  1259. Complice
  1260. 30k page views for $0.21: a serverless story
  1261. What great listeners actually do
  1262. The traits of a proficient programmer
  1263. Ask hn : how to get out of tech and still make a decent living? : hacker news
  1264. Ask hn : did some of you try the digital nomad lifestyle and not like it? : hacker news
  1265. Ask hn : how have you achieved financial independence? : hacker news
  1266. Appointment reminder
  1267. Shogun
  1268. Amon
  1269. Destroy all ifs — a perspective from functional programming
  1270. The mind of an architect
  1271. Why google stores billions of lines of code in a single repository
  1272. The uk will now become a tax haven for the rich
  1273. How to stop being boring
  1274. Javascript performance updates in microsoft edge and chakra
  1275. How technology is hijacking your mind — from a magician and google design ethicist
  1276. The first rule of pricing is: you do not talk about pricing
  1277. Being a developer after 40 — free code camp
  1278. Have software developers given up?
  1279. The increasing problem with the misinformed (by @baekdal) #analysis
  1280. You (probably) don't need a javascript framework
  1281. Why uber won — greylock perspectives
  1282. The most object-oriented language — noredink tech
  1283. Smartbear blog
  1284. Why erlang matters
  1285. Managed services killed devops
  1286. Edonismo
  1287. Utilitarismo
  1288. Eudemonismo
  1289. Edonismo in “enciclopedia italiana” – treccani
  1290. Activerecord is actively harmful
  1291. How facebook ruined instagram
  1292. Squash your commits
  1293. The bots are coming:​ conversational ui and introducing the skyscanner telegram bot
  1294. Anxiety and depression are symptoms, not diseases
  1295. Software has bugs. this is normal. — signal v. noise — medium
  1296. Functional architecture is ports and adapters by mark seemann
  1297. Discourse in a docker container
  1298. Facebook is the new excel
  1299. Work for only 3 hours a day, but everyday
  1300. Mathematicians discover prime conspiracy
  1301. Bias (psicologia)
  1302. The 'premature optimization is evil' myth
  1303. So you want to talk at conferences? this is what it's like.
  1304. What makes software good?
  1305. 7 quotes to remember when you’re surrounded by negativity
  1306. Why do we work so hard?
  1307. A canadian province is about to start trialling universal basic income
  1308. Work for only 3 hours a day, but everyday
  1309. 钢企网-钢材-钢铁-钢材价格-钢铁价格-钢企网钢铁现货交易平台 - 优乐娱乐_优乐国际官网_u乐国际娱乐官网
  1310. Bluegreendeployment
  1311. Agile is dead: the angry developer version
  1312. Canaryrelease
  1313. Javascript founder brendan eich: webassembly is a game-changer
  1314. Add reactions to pull requests, issues, and comments
  1315. Frameworks don't make any sense
  1316. 5 things to ask yourself when you have negative thoughts
  1317. How to deploy software
  1318. How to level up as a developer — medium
  1319. How bad ux killed jenny
  1320. A succesful git branching model considered harmful
  1321. Set theory
  1322. Venn diagram
  1323. Essays ☿ kenneth reitz
  1324. How to fall in love with your job (again)
  1325. Why are so many animals homosexual?
  1326. Sign in to continue to gmail
  1327. Nbspjordan-dimov resources and information.
  1328. Brian williams misremembers
  1329. Why i don’t want stuff
  1330. How meditation changes the brain and body
  1331. How to stop functional programming
  1332. How to set up a cdn in phoenix — red shift — medium
  1333. Building large flask apps in the real world
  1334. Why i no longer use mvc frameworks
  1335. Too many tools... not enough carpenters!
  1336. Cosa c'entra kanban con la piadina
  1337. Who killed nokia? nokia did
  1338. Douglas rushkoff: 'i’m thinking it may be good to be off social media altogether'
  1339. What pigeons teach us about love
  1340. To annoy or not to annoy: that was the question
  1341. Guida alla retrospettiva
  1342. Extreme programming
  1343. The number one secret to sleep that no one tells you
  1344. How i got jobs i was unqualified for
  1345. The 11 daily habits of supremely happy people
  1346. You probably shower way too often
  1347. Why everyone wants you to fuck up.
  1348. “never drink airplane coffee” and other secrets from airline employees
  1349. How to declutter your life by not giving a fuck
  1350. How to learn
  1351. The number one secret to superhuman willpower
  1352. Making sense of mvp (minimum viable product) – and why i prefer earliest testable/usable/lovable
  1353. Most of your facebook friends couldn't care less about you
  1354. Uber’s virtuous cycle. geographic density, hyperlocal marketplaces, and why drivers are key
  1355. The biggest wastes of time we regret when we get older
  1356. Here’s what we’ll do in space by 2116
  1357. Heisenberg developers
  1358. January 28th incident report
  1359. If corporations are people, then startups are children
  1360. A drug to cure fear
  1361. Machiavellianism
  1362. Technical debt
  1363. Egocentrism
  1364. Visualizing parallel requests in elixir
  1365. Being a deaf developer
  1366. Why big companies keep failing: the stack fallacy
  1367. How you can leverage technical debt & why you should
  1368. Narcissism
  1369. Serendipity
  1370. Isaac newton
  1371. Token bucket
  1372. Psychopathy
  1373. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  1374. Europe
  1375. Istanbul
  1376. Browserify vs. webpack
  1377. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of adult adhd and what you can do about it
  1378. Composition vs. inheritance: how to choose?
  1379. How to learn a new programming language while maintaining your day job
  1380. Polyfill, ponyfill & prollyfill
  1381. Three hundred programming interviews in thirty days — triplebyte blog — medium
  1382. Ditching scrum for kanban
  1383. Economic inequality
  1384. Say “agile” one more time
  1385. 2015, a year of firsts
  1386. Dutch govt says no to backdoors, slides $540k into openssl without breaking eye contact
  1387. Economic inequality : the short version
  1388. Finally, the 7th row of the periodic table of the elements is complete
  1389. Shut up, paul graham : the simplified version / fuzzy notepad
  1390. An open letter to paul graham
  1391. Why privacy is important, and having "nothing to hide" is irrelevant
  1392. The man who studies the spread of ignorance
  1393. Why i love snapchat
  1394. When are you really an adult?
  1395. A beginner's guide to scaling to 11 million+ users on amazon's aws
  1396. Feature flag-driven development
  1397. The disintegration of the parent-child bond
  1398. Life is short
  1399. Making whatsapp free and more useful
  1400. Don't learn to code
  1401. Drinking too much coffee won’t make your heartbeat irregular
  1402. We are not fucking competent
  1403. Never use the confirm dialog
  1404. Saving agile with bdd and cucumber – interview with matt wynne
  1405. Inside popcorn time – the world's fastest growing piracy site
  1406. Life, offline
  1407. Dear dad, send money – letters from students in the middle ages
  1408. Migrant crisis: applause as hundreds arrive in munich
  1409. Why you should build your product in public
  1410. My five promise patterns
  1411. Telephone keypad design
  1412. Learning to be homeless
  1413. The only competitor that matters
  1414. College is not the best four years of your life
  1415. The minimum viable prototype
  1416. The friend break-up — personal growth — medium
  1417. The business benefits of building your next project with go
  1418. August 21, 2015:daniel ek and minecraft creator notch debate spotify privacy policy
  1419. Spotify says sorry after privacy policy anger
  1420. Does it have to be always an object?
  1421. Laying out a flexible future for web design with flexbox best practices
  1422. Why you should never be bored
  1423. On contributing to open source
  1424. Harmful gotos, premature optimizations, and programming myths are the root of all evil
  1425. How airbnb uses machine learning to detect host preferences
  1426. Change your name
  1427. I kanban sono agili?
  1428. When would you choose erlang?
  1429. Parallelchange
  1430. Developer & designer
  1431. Um, agile software development requires software development
  1432. The 'no true programmer' fallacy · jacques mattheij
  1433. With payouts, gittip is minimally viable (gittip blog)
  1434. How to make the whole organization agile
  1435. The facebook method of dealing with complexity
  1436. Design principles: visual perception and the principles of gestalt
  1437. Design principles: space and the figure ground relationship
  1438. Design principles: connecting and separating elements through contrast and similarity
  1439. Design principles: visual weight and direction
  1440. Design principles: dominance, focal points and hierarchy
  1441. Design principles: compositional flow and rhythm
  1442. Codeship
  1443. The self-hating web developer
  1444. Writing testable javascript
  1445. You’re missing the point of server-side rendered javascript apps
  1446. Want a better pitch?watch this.
  1447. Tracking down the villains: outlier detection at netflix
  1448. Standing desks – save your back, change your life!
  1449. Db performance issue
  1450. The home cloud
  1451. Put or post: the rest of the story
  1452. Why i don't like mocks
  1453. Nobody understands rest or http
  1454. Pocket
  1455. Component specs and lifecycle
  1456. User stories
  1457. Eight docker development patterns
  1458. Execution sequence of a react component’s lifecycle methods
  1459. 24 random docker tips
  1460. Load balancing with haproxy
  1461. I'm sorry, but agile won't fix your products
  1462. The anatomy of a credit card form
  1463. Spikebytes
  1464. Ruby is defined by terrible tools
  1465. Impulsive rich kid, impulsive poor kid
  1466. React for designers
  1467. Finish your stuff
  1468. Ask hn : what is the actual purpose of docker? : hacker news
  1469. > i am busy with too many things at once
  1470. Design principles: compositional, symmetrical and asymmetrical balance
  1471. The best icon is a text label
  1472. Unit testing a tcp stack
  1473. Some functional programmers are arrogant
  1474. Carlos ble
  1475. Software bloat makes me sad – remarkably restrained
  1476. Trending at instagram
  1477. Microservice trade-offs
  1478. Designing data-driven interfaces
  1479. In 1900, los angeles had a bike highway — and the us was a world leader in bike lanes
  1480. ‘you’re really being an asshole, officer.’
  1481. We failed to change...
  1482. Well, after all there are nuts in it.
  1483. Understanding the node.js event loop
  1484. Maintaining open source projects: documentation
  1485. The role of a senior developer
  1486. Why don't software developers use static analysis tools to find bugs?
  1487. The most important skill in software development
  1488. Running lisp in production
  1489. Why you might not need mvc with react.js
  1490. Reactjs for beginners
  1491. Managing technical debt using total cost of ownership
  1492. Commit messages are not titles
  1493. The most important skill in software development
  1494. So yeah we tried slack... and we deeply regretted it
  1495. Introducing json
  1496. Event collaboration
  1497. Zenpayroll's engineering principles and values
  1498. How a keyboard changed what i look for in an editor
  1499. ‘the dorito effect,’ by mark schatzker
  1500. 52 weeks of ux a discourse on the process of designing for real people
  1501. 52 weeks of ux a discourse on the process of designing for real people
  1502. 52 weeks of ux a discourse on the process of designing for real people
  1503. 52 weeks of ux a discourse on the process of designing for real people
  1504. 52 weeks of ux a discourse on the process of designing for real people
  1505. Why you should never present more than one mockup to a client
  1506. 52 weeks of ux a discourse on the process of designing for real people
  1507. 52 weeks of ux a discourse on the process of designing for real people
  1508. 52 weeks of ux a discourse on the process of designing for real people
  1509. 52 weeks of ux a discourse on the process of designing for real people
  1510. How to undo (almost) anything with git · github
  1511. Plans for redis 3.2
  1512. How is critical 'life or death' software tested?
  1513. Why software engineering isn’t engineering, and the implication for deadlines
  1514. Product hunt made my start-up 75k (& we aren’t a tech company) — uber for x — medium
  1515. Interview with gerald weinberg!!!
  1516. Talking microservices with the man who made netflix’s cloud famous
  1517. The relativity of wrong by isaac asimov
  1518. Optimistic ui with meteor
  1519. The responsibility we have as software engineers
  1520. Readme driven development
  1521. Why you should really start doing more things alone
  1522. How 500px serves up over 500tb of high res photos
  1523. Move fast and don’t break things! testing with jenkins, ansible and docker
  1524. Understanding the docker cache for faster builds
  1525. Ask hn: is it just me or why does docker suck so much?
  1526. Faster builds with container-based infrastructure and docker
  1527. Fast code deployments with docker
  1528. Content not available
  1529. 7 patterns to refactor javascript applications: value objects
  1530. How i got 345k page views in just 7 days
  1531. The dark side of scrum
  1532. Agile retrospective technique #2
  1533. The agile taxi driver
  1534. Agile living: part one — what is agile?
  1535. Hacking company culture
  1536. The agile manifesto and holacracy
  1537. How agile got command and control wrong
  1538. 10 ways to improve your agile process
  1539. Agile is dead, long live agile.. ! — medium
  1540. When agile fails — graham anderson — medium
  1541. Continuous integration
  1542. When a student’s baby started crying in class, this professor had the best response ever
  1543. Git in six hundred words
  1544. Code review best practices
  1545. On becoming agile
  1546. What i wish i knew when learning haskell 2.3 ( stephen diehl )
  1547. A re-introduction to javascript (js tutorial)
  1548. Accepting payments is getting harder
  1549. Talking about money
  1550. Leaving stripe
  1551. Test, develop, build, stage with docker
  1552. Ask hn: should i unplug my laptop charger at 100%?
  1553. What done looks like in devops
  1554. Its high time that we stop using velocity
  1555. Fired
  1556. Pretty unmistakeable
  1557. The dao of immutability
  1558. Is haskell the cure?
  1559. ‘killed myself. sorry.': transgender game developer jumps off bridge after online abuse
  1560. Inside popcorn time, the piracy party hollywood can't stop
  1561. Why and how to use docker for development
  1562. 10 benefits of agile you definitely don’t want to miss out on
  1563. Chris's wiki : blog/programming/programmingviasuperstition
  1564. Product prioritisation 101
  1565. Learn you some refactoring for great good
  1566. Rewriting a large production system in go
  1567. Becoming an accomplished software designer – jbrains
  1568. Don't let miscommunication spiral out of control
  1569. The broken windows theory of technical debt
  1570. Scrum is just a tool
  1571. Re: what's so cool about scheme?
  1572. Callsuper
  1573. What agility means to me
  1574. Chapter 6: functional programming
  1575. Modern extreme programming
  1576. Microservices - not a free lunch!
  1577. Your password is too damn short
  1578. Musings on science, health care, and business
  1579. The sad state of sysadmin in the age of containers
  1580. Best time to post? it’s irrelevant
  1581. Modern xp, join the mob
  1582. Spotify engineering culture (part 1)
  1583. Serving all your heroin needs
  1584. How our product team works
  1585. Microsoft just took android’s future out of google’s hands
  1586. Double-clicking on the web
  1587. Why (and how) i wrote my academic book in plain text
  1588. The code is just the symptom
  1589. Fixing italy, a little bit at a time
  1590. Arduino web architecture, back to the future
  1591. Tdd is not magic!
  1592. Making sense of docker volumes
  1593. Disrupt ny 2015
  1594. Container wars
  1595. Why, oh why, do those #[email protected]! nutheads use vi?
  1596. Dependency injection is evil
  1597. Why we don't sell ads
  1598. Software development today, writings on agile and lean businesses
  1599. Hierarchies remove scaling properties in agile software projects
  1600. 7 truths about agile and scrum that people don't want to hear. part 1 of 7 wrong focus!
  1601. 7 truths about agile and scrum that people don't want to hear. part 0 of 7 introduction
  1602. Developer creativity
  1603. 7 truths about agile and scrum that people don't want to hear. part 3 of 7: stakeout stakeholders or stakeholders will stake you out.
  1604. The truth about bdd
  1605. Let the team decide the tools
  1606. Gmail
  1607. Pageviews vs. engaged time in web analytics
  1608. Git workflows: centralized or feature branching?
  1609. The javascriptworld domination
  1610. Sign in
  1611. Putting an age-old battle to rest
  1612. What i’ve learned so far about software development
  1613. Estimates or #noestimates... it's all a matter of context -leadingagile
  1614. Agile is about risk mitigation -
  1615. Why i don't want to talk about 'women in tech' : life as i know it
  1616. Refactor to remove duplication
  1617. Manifesto for agile software development
  1618. Http://
  1619. -&nbspagileoverflow resources and information.
  1620. Dad and the ten commandments of egoless programming
  1621. — docs
  1622. The four elements of simple design
  1623. Bliki : beckdesignrules
  1624. Camelcase vs underscores: scientific showdown
  1625. Introducing content security policy
  1626. Csp (content security policy)
  1627. Angularjs
  1628. Astronomers discover a supermassive black hole dating to cosmic dawn
  1629. Forget the 'to-do' list, you need a ‘stop doing’ list
  1630. Essence of functional programming
  1631. Docker expands broadest orchestration ecosystem to ensure distributed application portability
  1632. Tdd: a blueprint for choosing metrics
  1633. Where do you find the time for side projects?
  1634. An introduction to unix
  1635. Turtles all the way down
  1636. Chicken or the egg
  1637. Invented here syndrome
  1638. The sorrows of young developer
  1639. The instant retrospective
  1640. How to do a damn good daily standup meeting - prismatic
  1641. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but time just might do it
  1642. If you are storing important info in evernote, think twice.
  1643. Yes, you can spend $750 in international data roaming in one minute on at&t
  1644. We learned us some erlang
  1645. From zero to hipster (haskell in production)
  1646. Million user webchat with full stack flux, react, redis and postgresql
  1647. Extreme programming
  1648. Understanding scopes · angular/angular.js wiki · github
  1649. Self-organizing teams... really? : the agile management blog
  1650. Redirecting...
  1651. The tyranny of the forced smile
  1652. Why ocaml, why now?
  1653. Stop wasting time trying to get estimates right! – and what to do instead
  1654. Var self = lame
  1655. Client-side mvc's major bug
  1656. Why is the dollar sign a letter s?
  1657. Principles behind the agile manifesto
  1658. Don't call yourself a programmer, and other career advice
  1659. Testpyramid
  1660. Do call yourself a programmer, and other career advice
  1661. In search of the perfect javascript framework
  1662. Screw motivation, what you need is discipline.
  1663. Moving from node.js to go at bowery
  1664. A practical introduction to functional programming at mary rose cook
  1665. Core java questions for interview : part 1
  1666. Agile is dead! oh, really? — medium
  1667. Microservices : building services with the guts on the outside
  1668. Why javascript is doomed
  1669. You aren't doing scrum if...
  1670. The new stack makers: mitchell hashimoto on vagrant, containers and growing up with open source
  1671. An unconventional review of angularjs
  1672. Neutron drive blog
  1673. Why are it systems in big enterprises usually built using java, instead of python or javascript?
  1674. Cloud-based monitoring service for servers, networks, websites and web services, saas monitoring - anturis
  1675. Angularjs unit testing best practices
  1676. Playbook for software design and development
  1677. Dijkstra on haskell and java
  1678. Angularjs 2.0: crazy like a fox?
  1679. Why we (still) believe in private offices
  1680. Working at netflix
  1681. Do you like your angular controllers with or without sugar?
  1682. Go fast with $applyasync in angular 1.3
  1683. The art of promise-based architecture
  1684. Has visual design fallen flat?
  1685. Making skinny angularjs controllers
  1686. Docker and the pid 1 zombie reaping problem
  1687. Baseimage-docker, fat containers and "treating containers as vms"
  1688. Pets allowed
  1689. Why some teams are smarter than others
  1690. Where are the scrummasters?
  1691. On the cruelty of really teaching computing science (ewd 1036)
  1692. Tail call
  1693. Functional programming should be your #1 priority for 2015
  1694. How amazon tricks you into thinking it always has the lowest prices
  1695. Your website is not special, don't make visitors make accounts
  1696. Demystifying the dependency inversion principle
  1697. Alex/what-happens-when
  1698. We suck at http
  1699. What doesn't seem like work?
  1700. The unix philosophy / mrzool / designer & developer / berlin
  1701. Angularjs multi-step form using ui router
  1702. Color
  1703. Validators pipeline in angular 1.3
  1704. Hypothesis driven ux design
  1705. Making skinny angularjs controllers
  1706. Testing and code coverage
  1707. I don’t measure test coverage
  1708. Decentralize all the things!
  1709. Throw away your television
  1710. Introduction
  1711. Javascript application architecture on the road to 2015
  1712. How hourstracker earns five figures a month on the app store
  1713. How to get read on medium
  1714. To fall in love with anyone, do this
  1715. What most young programmers need to learn
  1716. Dirty coding tricks
  1717. Understanding nginx http proxying, load balancing, buffering, and caching
  1718. Notes: microservices by martin fowler
  1719. Google is donating $300,000 to charlie hebdo
  1720. Levels of agile coaching
  1721. Scrum values
  1722. Scrumban
  1723. Ricerca empirica
  1724. How github uses github to document github
  1725. 8 scrummasters antipatterns in scrum
  1726. Retrospectives
  1727. La confusione tra iaas, paas e saas
  1728. Environment variables considered harmful for your secrets
  1729. How to learn efficiently
  1730. There are no projects like side projects (piotr migdał, january 2015)
  1731. Edward snowden
  1732. A simple way to dockerize applications ·
  1733. How do you take an app from no tests to tdd?
  1734. Generation javascript
  1735. Agile needs to be both iterative and incremental
  1736. Analyst watch: the 12 characteristics of modern application development
  1737. How to send email like a startup
  1738. Let the other 95% of great programmers in
  1739. Designing for the slow web
  1740. Cohesive ux
  1741. Detecting refactoring diligence
  1742. Minimalism: it’s not what you think
  1743. Minimalism: it’s not what you think
  1744. Guilds: get stuff done together
  1745. The do’s and don’ts of building html5 hybrid apps
  1746. The state of agile – december 2014
  1747. The cycles of tdd
  1748. Your voice –
  1749. Working remotely for extroverts
  1750. How to maintain a successful open source project
  1751. Java virtual machine: the essential guide
  1752. Naming test classes and methods
  1753. Fast growing digitalocean receives $50 million to expand in every direction
  1754. You can take down pirate bay, but you can’t kill the internet it created
  1755. Angularjs one-time binding syntax
  1756. Programming is not a craft
  1757. Popular coding framework node.js is now seriously forked
  1758. Why i’m giving up my passport
  1759. Desktop development with node.js and grunt[tutorial]
  1760. Agile devops: infrastructure automation
  1761. Agile devops: test-driven infrastructure
  1762. The week-end freedom test
  1763. The case for slow programming –
  1764. The state of javascript in 2015
  1765. Java for everything
  1766. Academia as an ‘anxiety machine’
  1767. Agile metrics by spotify
  1768. Redirecting
  1769. Why github is not your cv – the if works
  1770. Colony collapse disorder
  1771. Dns-grundlagen
  1772. Eight weeks to a better brain
  1773. Landing page teardown: serial podcast
  1774. The internet is compromised
  1775. Feminist hacker barbie is just what our little girls need
  1776. Functional programming
  1777. Slack is now forcing users into arbitration and that is terrible
  1778. Oo vs fp
  1779. How to achieve ultimate blog success in one easy step
  1780. Why go for scrum?
  1781. Beyond pushstate — building single page applications
  1782. Object-oriented theater
  1783. A mess is not a technical debt.
  1784. How i got hired by digitalocean
  1785. Your developers aren’t slow
  1786. Gtd in 15 minutes – a pragmatic guide to getting things done
  1787. Don’t use ids in css selectors? ❧ (@boblet)
  1788. 7 rules for creating gorgeous ui (updated for 2020)
  1789. Frog and toad, willpower, and microservice architecture
  1790. Design patterns and refactoring
  1791. One big fluke › you only get 1,000 lines of code a week
  1792. Better all the time
  1793. My favourite zsh features
  1794. From novice to master, and back again
  1795. Discover how we built our app in 2 weeks using ionic framework
  1796. A question
  1797. Pomodoro technique® considered harmful (don’t worry: you are not using it)
  1798. The dark side of .io: how the u.k. is making web domain profits from a shady cold war land deal
  1799. 10 things to consider while keeping a level head about angularjs 2.0
  1800. What women in technology really think (150 of them, at least)
  1801. Trying out go for the first time ♥ scotch
  1802. Pirate bay founder peter sunde released from prison
  1803. Agile software development
  1804. Dependency injection
  1805. Adapter pattern
  1806. Minimum viable product
  1807. Bert lance
  1808. Service locator pattern
  1809. You aren't gonna need it
  1810. The origin of the 8-hour work day and why we should rethink it
  1811. The eternal struggle between business and programmers
  1812. Better java
  1813. Sherlock holmes debugging
  1814. A day of communication at github
  1815. Kiss and yagni
  1816. This is how we zenpayroll: our development workflow
  1817. Sometimes, it’s just time to go home.
  1818. Broken sleep
  1819. 7 principles of rich web applications
  1820. Inertia
  1821. 7 principles of rich web applications
  1822. Npm and front-end packaging - prismatic
  1823. Plain old java object
  1824. The three laws of interaction design
  1825. “can we try kanban?”
  1826. “screw you, angular”
  1828. When using ids can be a pain in the class...
  1829. The specificity graph
  1830. Bevacqua/js
  1831. Carlo pecchia
  1832. How we figured out what makes people love ghost 1,000% more
  1833. More on getters and setters
  1834. Solid principles with real world examples – jgauffin's coding den
  1835. Repository pattern, done right – jgauffin's coding den
  1836. Brian ford
  1837. The 10 worst things about working in an open-office--in your words
  1838. Javascript promises ... in wicked detail
  1839. How to flawlessly predict anything on the internet
  1840. Pair programming is not a panacea
  1841. I hate puzzles: am i still a programmer?
  1842. Axiomatic css and lobotomized owls
  1843. Redirecting
  1844. Why you're losing proposals
  1845. What if age is nothing but a mind-set?
  1846. How to create a minimalist computer experience
  1847. Soda may age you as much as smoking, study says
  1848. Published for the first time : a 1959 essay by isaac asimov on creativity
  1849. Understanding delegated javascript events
  1850. Learning react.js: getting started and concepts
  1851. Build a real-time twitter stream with node and react.js ♥ scotch
  1852. Building good docker images
  1853. Why angularjs is known to have a steep learning curve?
  1854. How tech companies can help their coders
  1855. Sorry but not sorry
  1856. How to start a startup without ruining your life – makers gonna make – medium
  1857. Ssl endpoint
  1858. Understand the architecture
  1859. Trouble at the koolaid point
  1860. Your next project needs a white-hat jerk.
  1861. Gocardless/angularjs-style-guide
  1862. Job title: it’s complicated
  1863. How buffer works smarter, not harder
  1864. How bad ux killed jenny — tragic design — medium
  1865. It’s 2014, and android fragmentation is no longer a problem
  1866. Angularjs: looking under the hood [part 1]
  1867. Technology radar vol.21
  1868. Code organization in large angularjs and javascript applications
  1869. Don’t do the things you love
  1870. 3 radical habits of highly successful remote teams
  1871. An overnight success — how product hunt + hacker news fueled 300k views in 30 days
  1872. The last question by isaac asimov © 1956
  1873. Horror vacui
  1874. How to deploy a meteor.js application on ubuntu 14.04 with nginx
  1875. Ux thought of the day
  1876. How to avoid feminist burnout
  1877. Write every day – mathias lafeldt
  1878. A long, ugly year of depression that's finally fading : rand's blog
  1879. Out in the open: the site that teaches you to code well enough to get a job
  1880. Optimizing angularjs: 1200ms to 35ms
  1881. Why some students don’t learn to code — bloc weekly — medium
  1882. A great introduction to docker, and where it's all going
  1883. Go programming for beginners
  1884. It's called "ship" not "shit".
  1885. The roi of ux
  1886. A developer’s guide to perform seo on angularjs web apps
  1887. Angularjs authentication and cors
  1888. Pirate bay moves to the cloud, becomes raid-proof
  1889. The log: an epic software engineering article
  1890. The pirate bay runs on 21 "raid-proof" virtual machines
  1891. I had a stroke at 33
  1892. Running a website: google app engine vs. amazon ec2
  1893. Angular: filter already selected items from ng-options
  1894. Unit testing best practices in angularjs
  1895. Http access control (cors)
  1896. Hosting static sites with docker and nginx
  1897. Optimising for the 0.33%
  1898. Sorry! removed.
  1899. What every computer programmer should know about floating point, part 1
  1900. A big little idea called legibility
  1901. The laws of shitty dashboards
  1902. Rebuilding stackoverflow with angularjs
  1903. Write code. sometimes.
  1904. The rust programming language blog
  1905. Refining the way we structure our css at trello
  1906. Naming css stuff is really hard
  1907. Design continuum — medium
  1908. How quitting my corporate job for my startup dream f*cked my life up
  1909. Facebook’s numbers
  1910. I want
  1911. Sign in to continue to gmail
  1912. Treat open source like a startup
  1913. Angularjs: the best parts
  1914. Stuff the internet says on scalability for september 5th, 2014
  1915. Why choose angularjs for your next app?
  1916. Does the pomodoro technique work for you?
  1917. Fat
  1918. Go with peter bourgon
  1919. Two months early. 300k under budget
  1920. Why walking helps us think
  1921. Best practices for building angular.js apps
  1922. Practices, principles, values
  1923. Steve blank why founders should know how to code
  1924. Angularjs: use constant service instead of magic strings | jeff cunningham | linkplug
  1925. 5 angularjs antipatterns & pitfalls
  1926. What is a card?
  1927. Most code is an ugly mess. here's how to make it beautiful
  1928. What i use instead of google services
  1929. Http api design guide
  1930. Medium’s css is actually pretty f***ing good.
  1931. Redirecting…
  1932. Some dark patterns now illegal in uk – interview with heather burns
  1933. Why working at google is not my dream job (anymore)
  1934. Visualising test terminology
  1935. Getify/you-dont-know-js
  1936. You-dont-know-js/ at master · getify/you-dont-know-js · github
  1937. Getify/you-dont-know-js
  1938. Getify/you-dont-know-js
  1939. Getify/you-dont-know-js
  1940. Getify/you-dont-know-js
  1941. Getify/you-dont-know-js
  1942. Getify/you-dont-know-js
  1943. You-dont-know-js/scope & closures/ at master · getify/you-dont-know-js · github
  1944. Good practices to build your angularjs application
  1945. The blank slate
  1946. Dependency injection in javascript
  1947. How to migrate linux servers part 1 - system preparation
  1948. How to migrate linux servers part 2 - transfer core data
  1949. How to migrate linux servers part 3 - final steps
  1950. Velocity is killing agility!
  1951. Why we left angularjs : hacker news
  1952. I am racist, and so are you.
  1953. Communicating sequential processes
  1954. Writing web applications
  1955. Go at cloudflare
  1956. Defer, panic, and recover
  1957. Go slices: usage and internals
  1958. Error handling and go
  1959. Godoc: documenting go code
  1960. Organizing go code
  1961. The laws of reflection
  1962. Go's declaration syntax
  1963. Go concurrency patterns: timing out, moving on
  1964. Docker: git for deployment
  1965. Deploying the right way: dokku on digital ocean
  1966. Automated deployment with docker - lessons learnt
  1967. How to install and use docker: getting started
  1968. Demystifying secret
  1969. The basics of es6 generators
  1970. X to close
  1971. Slack is killing email
  1972. Docker: an introduction
  1973. Speeding up angularjs apps with simple optimizations
  1974. Hexagonal soup
  1975. The middle hexagon should be independent of the adapters
  1976. Databases as life-support for domain objects
  1977. Callbacks break hexagonal architectures
  1978. Thoughtbot/guides
  1979. Thoughtbot/guides
  1980. Thoughtbot/guides
  1981. Disaccoppiamento, inversione delle dipendenze e architetture esagonali
  1982. Thoughtbot/guides
  1983. Javascript — the weird parts
  1984. My trello workflow – css wizardry – css architecture, web performance optimisation, and more, by harry roberts
  1985. Technical debt 101
  1986. Johnpapa/angular-styleguide
  1987. Speeding up angularjs apps with simple optimizations
  1988. Microsoft to drop support for older versions of internet explorer
  1989. Stupid apps and changing the world
  1990. The making of aprilzero: part 2
  1991. The solution to technical debt
  1992. Angularjs unit testing - for real, though
  1993. Angularjs best practices
  1994. Angularjs: service vs provider vs factory
  1995. From zero to fully working ci server in less than 10 minutes with drone & docker
  1996. Angularjs : when to use service instead of factory
  1997. Building a better web with track:js
  1998. The hexagonal architecture
  1999. The forgotten layer of the test automation pyramid
  2000. Redirecting...
  2001. Why are some people so much luckier than others?
  2002. How to wire up ruby on rails and angularjs as a single-page application
  2003. The revealing constructor pattern
  2004. Learning javascript design patterns
  2005. Angularjs's controller as and the vm variable
  2006. Css at lonely planet
  2007. Toddmotto/angularjs-styleguide
  2008. Opinionated angularjs styleguide for teams
  2009. Revisiting 1 million writes per second
  2010. Just let me code!
  2011. Bitwise operators in javascript
  2012. Leverage scope creep! an in-depth tutorial on angular.js scope > | linkplug
  2013. Creating distraction-free reading experiences
  2014. Angular model objects with javascript classes
  2015. Your first node.js package
  2016. The product spectrum
  2017. The making of aprilzero
  2018. How cadence predicts process
  2019. Requiring vs browserifying angular
  2020. The life and times of the angular provider
  2021. What not to ask
  2022. Techniques for authentication in angularjs applications
  2023. 5 common server setups for your web application
  2024. Magical realism
  2025. Inversion of control containers and the dependency injection pattern
  2026. Optimising for 60fps everywhere
  2027. Visualising the go garbage collector
  2028. Substack/stream-handbook
  2029. Mixu/singlepageappbook
  2030. What's the correct way to communicate between controllers in angularjs?
  2031. Taking baby steps
  2032. Microservices - 72 resources
  2033. Why composition is often better than inheritance
  2034. Angularjs
  2035. Hexagonal architecture
  2036. Git conventions — code adventures — medium
  2037. Farewell node.js
  2038. Get your development team started with go
  2039. Methods to determine if an object has a given property
  2040. Webrtc in the real world: stun, turn and signaling
  2041. Build a restful api using node and express 4
  2042. Angularjs promises - the definitive guide > | tweetganic
  2043. It’s okay to be dumb.
  2044. Rethinking angularjs controllers
  2045. How to build and develop websites with gulp
  2046. Design a beautiful rest api
  2047. An update on container support on google cloud platform
  2048. Understanding angular’s $scope and $rootscope event system $emit, $broadcast and $on
  2049. Remedial javascript
  2050. Maintainable javascript: don’t modify objects you don’t own
  2051. Design for realtime
  2052. Deployd/deployd
  2053. Writing unit tests for an angularjs service
  2054. Creating custom angularjs directives part 2 – isolate scope
  2055. How we use docker for continuous delivery – part 1
  2056. Guide: writing testable code
  2057. Getting a solid start.
  2058. Why and how to avoid hamburger menus
  2059. Restful rails api, just add water
  2060. 5 common server setups for your web application
  2061. Zero to puppet in one day
  2062. Hexagonal architecture
  2063. Sandi metz' rules for developers
  2064. Mgechev/angularjs-in-patterns · github
  2065. Best practices for speeding up your web site
  2066. Goto fail, heartbleed, and unit testing culture
  2067. Backpressure and unbounded concurrency in node.js
  2068. Angularjs and scope.$apply
  2069. Angularjs: $watch, $digest and $apply
  2070. Digest cycles in single page apps
  2071. Tdd is dead. long live testing.
  2072. Test-induced design damage
  2073. Getting started with vim
  2074. Understanding promises in angular
  2075. Differential | we build big ideas
  2076. The greatest bug i never fixed
  2077. A git workflow for agile teams
  2078. Year 2038 problem
  2079. Are coders worth it?
  2080. How i bypassed 2-factor-authentication on google, facebook, yahoo, linkedin, and many others.
  2081. Wired, il 2024 e la calabria che non vogliono vedere
  2082. An update on the hamburger menu
  2083. Redesigning quora
  2084. Maria gaetana agnesi
  2085. Putting an age-old battle to rest
  2086. Parallax done right
  2087. Understanding angular.js services the easy way
  2088. Angularjs
  2089. In defense of javascript’s constructors
  2090. Speaking javascript
  2091. Javascript’s this: how it works, where it can trip you up
  2092. Gulpjs/gulp
  2093. Deal to combat piracy in uk with 'alerts' is imminent
  2094. The state of angularjs controllers
  2095. Elevator pitch
  2096. Watch how the apply runs a digest
  2097. How to code javascript using bootstrap best practices?
  2098. The meaning of life
  2099. Programming is a dead end job
  2100. Thinking in types
  2101. Learn what docker is all about
  2102. Built in matchers
  2103. File: readme
  2104. Illegal prime
  2105. All posts : 8th light
  2106. The javascript problem
  2107. Ask hn: what is the most difficult tech/dev challenge you ever solved?
  2108. The worst year of my life
  2109. Better javascript promises
  2110. An introduction to perceived performance
  2111. Mocks aren't stubs
  2112. Ecmascript 5 strict mode, json, and more
  2113. Meet o’reilly your partner in learning
  2114. Salted password hashing - doing it right
  2115. Strict mode
  2116. How to be a great software developer
  2117. Deploy
  2118. Anniversario
  2119. Don’t fuck up the culture
  2120. Debug
  2121. Industrydo you really need a computer science degree?
  2122. How to unit test private functions in javascript — philip walton
  2123. Comparing node.js promises, try/catch, angular zone.js and yes, zone
  2124. Interview: ron jeffries on running tested features
  2125. The difference between ruby symbols and strings
  2126. Write better javascript with promises
  2127. Angularjs vs ember
  2128. Meteor is f***ing awesome — medium
  2129. Understanding the “this” keyword in javascript
  2130. -&nbspthis website is for sale! -&nbsptheniravshah resources and information.
  2131. What ux isn’t
  2132. When two-factor authentication is not enough
  2133. When two-factor authentication is not enough
  2134. Absolute, relative, fixed positioning: how do they differ?
  2135. A set of unit testing rules
  2136. The heartbleed bug
  2137. Why ups trucks don't turn left
  2138. Digital ocean needs to start showing outages on their status page
  2139. More efficienter javascript — css perverts — medium
  2140. Sourcing: come creare un processo di reclutamento
  2141. Agile gamification: apprendere le metodologie giocando
  2142. Meteor
  2143. Uncanny valley
  2144. The definitive guide to angular on mobile
  2145. My website was stolen by a hacker. and i got it back.
  2146. Chapter 2: protocols
  2147. Chapter 3: data formats
  2148. Chapter 4: authentication, part 1
  2149. Chapter 6: api design
  2150. Whatever goes up, that’s what we do
  2151. Max ogden blogotronz
  2152. The art of node
  2153. Getting a job
  2154. What you can't say
  2155. Equinox
  2156. An introduction to securing your linux vps
  2157. Crafting link underlines on medium
  2158. Milan, seedorf rischi: c'è tassotti. decisive lazio e fiorentina
  2159. Testing your javascript with jasmine
  2160. Test-driven development
  2161. Behavior-driven development
  2162. Articles.unclebob.thethreerulesoftdd
  2163. Blog
  2164. Invest in life experiences
  2165. In what cases could `git pull` be harmful?
  2166. Popping out of hidden overflow
  2167. Outdated ux patterns, learning angular js, lazy loading ads | the treehouse show episode 81
  2168. Redesigning imdb
  2169. Things to do in your 5 minute break
  2170. Translation guidelines
  2171. The flight of the birdman: flappy bird creator dong nguyen speaks out
  2172. You jacked my scroll bro
  2173. How i resurrected my macbook pro by putting it in the oven
  2174. Heroku dev center
  2175. Welcome to subtraction 8.0
  2176. 'i was bullied and beaten every day. programming saved my life'
  2177. Why atom can’t replace vim
  2178. Back office
  2179. Myths about /dev/urandom
  2180. Grunt and gulp tasks for performance optimization
  2181. Engineer's guide to us visas
  2182. Best practices for api versioning? [closed]
  2183. The human is a restful client
  2184. User documentation
  2185. Which remote url should i use?
  2186. When to use directives, controllers, or services in angular js
  2187. Digitalocean raises $37.2m from andreessen horowitz to take on aws
  2188. Please stop using twitter bootstrap
  2189. Ultimate guide to learning angularjs in one day
  2190. 7 reasons why you will never do anything amazing with your life
  2191. What is a web framework?
  2192. Chrome 34: responsive images and unprefixed web audio
  2193. The browser cache is vary broken
  2194. Help me distribute $100,000 to new entrepreneurs in africa
  2195. Css gradients
  2196. Code guide by @mdo
  2197. Securing a linux (centos) vps in 10 minutes
  2198. Tal bereznitskey : the impact of appearing on hn's front page and the secret of getting there
  2199. Javascript is hard. let’s not keep it that way.
  2200. R/cscareerquestions
  2201. Ie10 falls below ie9 in market share, firefox hits 60-month low, and chrome again gains the most
  2202. Tal bereznitskey : 5 javascript debugging tips you'll start using...
  2203. What to say when someone is being an asshole
  2204. Fvck school
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